How to activate the feature of automatic switching to dark mode in the iPhone

Bring the operating system (iOS 13) iOS 13 many of both major and minor changes to the interface of the iPhone but the most salient feature, which is awaited by the users since a long time; they are (dark mode) Dark Mode.

Called (dark mode) Dark Mode users to download the screen of the device from a glaring white to screen black, and this helps preserve battery life by lighting a smaller number of pixels of the screen, it also works to reduce eye strain.

Water Color Set dark new, working in all sections of the system, and all the internal applications in order to provide a great user experience, especially in low-light environments.

To activate the feature you can switch between the attributes manually through the (Control Center) Control Center in iPhone or through the settings each time you want to change the situation.

It also provided Apple users iPhone easy way to automatically switch between setting the brightness and time dark depending on the time of day, or cycles of Sunset and sunrise, and through the feature The Night Shift, which depends on the former, and the geographical location in the iPhone to determine the time of Sunset in your location and the screen colors to the colors of the dark, and in the morning working to restore the screen to normal settings.

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In this way you can have the interface follow automatically to be bright during the day when the lighting surrounding your strong, then dark in the evening, you’ll be more comfortable and safe to work.

The following is how to activate the feature of automatic switching to dark mode in the iPhone:

It should be noted that it was necessary to make sure that your iPhone is running iOS 13, preferably update to the latest version iOS general terms 13.1.3 to avoid security holes that appeared in versions previous two.

  • Scroll to the settings menu on your iPhone your.
  • Click on options (screen brightness) Display & Brightness.
  • Under Section (appearance) Appearance, activate the preparation of the automatic switch by pressing the switch button next to Automatic.
  • Press the button (options) Options located below to schedule the appearance.
  • Choose either Sunset to Sunrise, which uses your phone’s location to change between reality and bright at sunrise, dark sunset, or set the table of your custom choice of custom schedule.

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Note: the advantage of Night Shift available on the iPhone starting from the iPhone 5s, or any later version, iPad Pro, iPad (fifth-generation and later versions), iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and any newer version of them, the iPod touch (the previous generation, and later versions).

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