How to activate the ECG function on the Apple Watch Series 4 in Russia

A restriction on the behavior of ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4 exclusively in the U.S. can be circumvented in just a few seconds. This conclusion was made by the developer Guilherme Rambo, examining the contents of software code iOS 12.1. According to him, the ban on the use of medical software will not limit the operation of the hardware sensors of the device, allowing virtually everyone to check their health, and at the same time to test the new Apple watch on diagnostic accuracy.

To make the Apple Watch Series 4 to record the ECG, even if they were purchased in the official online Apple store in Russia, by changing your country location in the settings. To function ECG work, you want to choose as your home region. Do not worry, this action will not bring down your current time zone and will not change the default language to English. Personally, I see no reason why not to do this as soon as the innovation becomes available. Probably, it will happen with one of the next updates.

Regional restrictions Apple

The practice of limiting some functions of the regions is standard for Apple. Similarly, the company hinders the work of the Apple News in Russia, access to which, however, can be obtained by the change region on any where the service is available officially. What I was thinking at Cupertino, when he limited the distribution of their products such a primitive way, is unknown. Perhaps this was done in order to give a particularly interested user to test functionality.

Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation

The function of the ECG registration first debuted in Apple Watch Series 4 in September this year. Innovation allows the watch to read the heart, but, unlike traditional electrocardiogram taken with professional equipment, Apple’s solution is incapable of accurate diagnosis of the full spectrum of diseases. The only disorder, which fixed the Apple Watch, is atrial fibrillation, which is often a harbinger of heart attacks.

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