How the technology works, the VAR of the treaty in the 2018 World Cup

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Layer the idea of assistant referee Video the VAR in the 2018 soccer World Cup currently taking place in Russia, with mixed reviews about her on this technique.

In addition to the government standard and his team of assistant referees, including game rule help video , three judges assistants, four operators re video working in Control booths from a distance, talking with 33 camera help them identify the right decision at the crucial moment.

Technology helps the VAR the rulers of the king to take certain decisions, including:

  • Crossing the ball to the goal line.
  • Beat box.
  • Red cards.
  • The player responsible for the infraction.

Became those cameras and the subject of controversy for millions of football fans around the world, as they protest the government’s decision to assault an essential part of the experience of watching the World Cup quite like watching Cristiano Ronaldo score for the national team of Portugal.

Any change in this system is sensitive will inevitably anger and boos, described the Office of the editor of new scientist: “the use of new technology a losing battle and would threaten the cultural value of football”, in the year 2017, a failed technical when you didn’t know about the decision to hand over with the aim of is crucial in the game, said Greg Free the President of FIFA in the A-League: “the failure of the technique in this case was not the corners of the broadcast required to exist”.

There is difficulty in the speed of information delivery from the team-up with referees on the pitch, which causes delays in decision-making and a loss of part of the time of the game, the respect humans aren’t perfect, as no human being enjoy seeing a comprehensive, 360 degree, how can the judge make the right decision every time? As for the objective assessment and on the evidence strong position in the sport, despite of the adoption of the game on fair play and sportsmanship.

It is true that the technology has not integrated yet with the game, but it’s OK to develop the game to the extent you can to do make better decisions, which means that robots are not a loser and will help our judgment in deciding on the goals questionable.

You can see the highlights of the 5 techniques in the 2018 World Cup from here.

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