How the impact of copy-and-paste on the quality of the smartphone apps

Days ago, during my sailing junk central Android apps on shop Google Play, It’s like I visit it for the first time after an absence of years, has appeared in front of me a lot of Arabic apps weird, not weird in that they offer new services like never before, but the oddness stems from the opposite, of being apps at the bottom of the ladder of quality, engaged in providing one type of service, it’s service to read the content, but not any content, no copied content, or in other words (stolen).

In the past, before the years long, we used to buy from usually (copy and paste), that was in the era of forums that filled the Arab arena one of these days, when it was the primary motivation to do this already, is to get some of the admiration, and receive the words of thanks and appreciation from other members, but with the development of it and the expansion of the consideration of the physical internet, I began intention the intention of the (copy and paste) become more material, getting a few dollars is the motivation which drives a lot of people who develop or publish mobile apps.

Of course not in the physical demolition of any defect or problem, money is the biggest driver for the emergence of a lot of digital services that have facilitated our lives, or the content of the publication, who said, but what it should be, is that the money comes for value, real value, the effort made to make something beautiful or useful content, not to copy articles from the internet from here and there and then pour it in small applications, and begin to earn dollars from the sweat and efforts of others, they wrote that content and publish it after the great experience obtained during many years of their lives, and then comes from, it’s worth it, And takes that content and apps by the dozens -or hundreds – stores a word (All rights reserved) excavated the bottom of each website and blog.

Copy-and-paste back from the new

Try claimed the App Store (Google Play), and then type the words (preparation method) to show you the hundreds of apps in the results page, each app gives you the recipe for the risotto or one item only, apply the full comprehensive takes space in your phone then gives you a way to work pizza or shawarma or puree, and mostly been taking that recipe from one of the sites specialized in cooking, the effort of one of the housewives or one of the makers of the content is stolen simply to make the application micro.

You might think says: How do you know that content copied from other sites? Isn’t it possible to be the owner of the app is to write the textual content, but through small applications rather than published in the sites or the application thorough? And here I ask you to say for on one of those results, and then click on the name of the application developer -the border under the name of the app – to show you all the apps published in the App Store.

Mostly you’ll find a lot of small applications in various areas, and logical to be a developer or a publisher specializing in the applications of cooking, such as if the content is original and replicated, but to find apps for cooking next to the application of makeup and other children next to learning the language, this composition of the gas varied not only refer to one thing only: that these applications are only the image of the picture (copy and paste), it’s the modern way of violating the property rights of escape from the eyes of search engine: Google.

Article/song in the application

Stop the application in the App Store have been downloaded more than half a million times, this app is just a song, yes a song only, now it has become possible to listen to the songs of the famous via smartphone apps, whenever you want to listen to the song the meaning; you only need to download an app that won’t present you is that the song, rather than to the (SoundCloud) or (YouTube).

I don’t think it’s the idea of acceptable or logical; that the application contains one piece of content, no problem in that there can be specialized applications in the presentation of content, not a requirement to be a professional stripper, you can’t get rid of the application in a specific area, not unique to the subject only one, what’s the point of the website and the content script, which are the space of the site, the user can looking for any subject through the search engines and I didn’t want to, so the worshipper may recite or watch then on his way, without the need to fill the phone memory to the applications of small scattered.

The bottom line is that mobile applications in the foundation is to provide services and not to view the content, the textual content goes over the web sites and digital, and visual content our house YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms, and all kind of content types do not house the office areas, though it must be assumed the application to be comprehensive in its scope, I have narrowed the phones, including apps, out of the multitude of the powers conferred by here and there, not to mention the problem of the violation of the property rights that are still looking for a solution since the penetration of the internet in our modern life.

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