How the CPU works already?

كيف تعمل وحدة المعالجة المركزية بالفعل؟

Think most of the things existing in the computer relatively simple to understand: where the working RAM, storage, peripherals, and software all together to make a computer function, and modern CPUs are orders of magnitude more complicated than show here. As it is almost impossible for one person to understand every nuance because each difference it contains more than a billion transistors. However, the basic principles of how to fit with the rest as it is, this will allow you to understand the basics a better understanding of the systems modern to read through the following lines.

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All computers are running the binary ” binary”. They do not understand only two words : on and off, and to conduct calculations in binary, they use what is called a last which only allows the passage of current through it to the drainage the drain so if there is a stream connected to it via the portal. Essentially, this is the key to a couple working on a piece of the wire based on the input signal again.

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As modern computers use billions of transistors to perform calculations, but in the lower levels, you just need to a few basic ingredients, known as the Gates gates.

  • Logic gates

Take the logic gates entrances bilateral binary, and performs an operation on them, and then returns the output. The hernia gate OR, for example, returns true if any of the inputs is true. As you say the gate AND checks to see if the input is correct, is achieved by XOR if one of the inputs is true, while the N-variants (NOR and NAND, and XNOR) are versions of the inverse of the gate of her core.

  • Exercise some math with portals

You can do by adding the binary binary basic with only two gates. As this chart shows above, half snake, was created using Logicly, a playground and free on the internet portals. Will be running gate XOR here, in the case of running one of the inputs only, but not both. Will also be running the gate AND if both entrances are running, but you have to stay in the off mode if there is no input. If both are running, you XOR are off, will try the gate AND to the correct answer from between the two:

This gives us the preparation is simple with three outputs is zero, one, and two. But no one could store anything higher than 1, this machine is not very useful because it not only solves one of the simplest mathematical problems. But this is only half of the add adder, if you connect two of them for other inputs, it will run on the providers full:

It also features add full The full adder has three inputs – two numbers are to be added, and ” carry “. It is used to load carry when it exceeds the final figure of what can be stored in one byte. Will be linked to the issues in the series, and pass the load carry from one to another. This is in addition to it will add protection to as a result of gate XOR in the first half of the addendum adder, there is a gate OR an additional to deal with both cases, when you need it.

When all of the inputs in the operating mode, run the load carry, and send it to the factory complete the following in the negative:

This is some information about them. Where to transition to more of the byte reflect the bits basically means just more additions to the full in a longer chain.

Can perform most of the operations to other sports with the addition of; the pressure is just adding repeatedly, and can be fun with some bytes. reflex, as that division is just repeated subtraction. Despite the fact that all modern computers have the solutions list on the hardware to accelerate the most complex operations, you can perform this technique by using the full source or add full the full adder.

  • The memory of a computer

At the current time, our computer only calculator bad. This is because he doesn’t remember anything, as for the outputs presented above are a memory cell, which can do all of that. Under the hood, it uses a lot of NAND gates, and in fact can be quite different depending on the storage technology, but their function is the same.

As you can give it some inputs, for example, run the-bit ” write”, will store the input inside the cell. This is not just a memory cell, because we also need a way to read information from them. This is done using a tool of empowerment, it is a set of Gates AND each byte in memory, all linked to the introduction of another, which is the byte “read”. Often called bits read and write “set” and “enable”.

The full package will be different in what the register. This records connected to the bus the bus which is about a bundle of wires running about the entire system, and be connected to each component. As modern computers have a bus too, although they may be no buses multiple to improve the performance of multiple tasks.

Each record still has bytes to write and read, but in this setting, the input and output are the same thing. It’s good already. For example, if you want to copy the contents of R1 to R2, it will run the byte to read to R1, which leads to push the contents of R1 to the bus the bus. During the operation of the byte to read, You Can Run-bit write to R2, which will be the contents of the carrier to R2.

The use of registers also make random access memory RAM as well. As it is often put the RAM in the network, where a wire is used in two directions:

Take the decoders inputs binary binary also, and running the wires numbered. For example, is regarded as the number “11” is 3 in binary binary, the highest number of 2 bytes, so the decoder running to the top of the basket. So that at every intersection, there is a record. All of these things connected to the bus central and the central bus, and the entrance to Central reading, and writing. We will be running all of the reading and writing only if the implant which crosses through the log is also turned on, allowing you to effectively select the record you want to write it and read it. Once again, Ram modern is much more complicated, but this setup is still applicable even now.

  • The former, the engine, and a decryption

It is worth noting that it is the use of recordings in each place, which is the basic tool to transfer the data stored in the CPU, and the sixth is the first place in the heart of Central Processing Unit (CPU), is measured using the hertz or cycles per second cycles per second. This is the speed that you see to the side of the central processing units (CPUs); as it can be to buy a 5 GHz to perform 5 billion cycles per second. Often the clock speed scale very well to the speed of the CPU.

The watch features three different situations: the former core hours exercise and specific. The launch of the term of the previous Core run on half the cycle and stop off for the other half. It also is used to hours exercise to run the recordings will run for longer to make sure the data enabled. It must always run the previous selected at the same time enable the clock, otherwise it will write incorrect data.

Is connected to the previous engine, which will be calculated from one step to the limit, and reset it back to one when finished. As related to previous also but AND each record can the CPU write to:

Arrange these portals also outputs another component, a decoder or a decoding. Also take the tool for decoding instructions such as “SET R2 TO R1” and then converts them into something that can be understood by the CPU. It also has internal register of its own, called the “record of instruction”, where is stored the current process, but once you decode it, you will run the right group and the empowerment of bytes for the record of the right, which will be stopped in accordance with the authority.

As it is stored program instructions in the RAM (or the cache L1 on modern systems, which is closer to the CPU). Given to store the program data in the logs, just like any other variable, can be manipulated on the fly to circumvent the program.

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How the CPU works already?

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