How the camera takes Galaxy S10 since last update

If you thought that while users are not too impressive Night Mode in the camera of the Galaxy S10, Samsung is idle, then the last update for a new line of South Korean flagship came out today to prove that you are not right. The may update for the entire line of Galaxy S10 really improves the current Night Mode, and also adds several new features to the camera app, which we with examples will be discussed in this material.

Night Mode now works with a wide-angle camera and makes it more clean pictures

The ability to use Night Mode with camera ultrasonically perhaps the most useful addition to the new update. Ultrasonically sensor has a more narrow aperture (f/2.2) than the main camera (f/1.5), so by default it can’t capture as much light and as a result, from the photos we have the more noise. Images using Night Mode on ultrawide lens still contain a lot of noise, but now you will get a brighter and slightly more detailed images that used to do was simply impossible.

Below are two scenes taken with a wide angle camera in automatic mode (left) and in mode, Night Mode (you can see it on the right). The second stage consists of a completely dark room where the only source of light is a small candle.

Mode Night Mode as a whole were also improved. The photos in night mode, the noise level was a little lower. Smartphone shutter now survive longer than before, although it also leads to blurring of the images taken in a very adverse environment with poor lighting, unless of course you don’t hold the phone very firmly and rigidly. However, in normal scenes in low light conditions with the latest update the images look much cleaner in some situations.

In other situations, the noise reduction is not so noticeable, unless you look at the image on the monitor. As for the details, in most cases there is no visible difference. More powerful noise reduction can now little to calm the situation, although in General this is only a compromise.

Here’s the scene, taken as the updated mode, Night Mode (photo right), and it is the same, but without the latest updates (photo left) where you can see the difference in noise reduction:

And here the difference is slightly less noticeable:

And finally, here are a few scenes shot in automatic mode (left) and in the updated mode, Night Mode (right) for Galaxy S10+, which have the latest update:

On Galaxy S10 and S10+ you can now remove the Live Focus telephoto lens

Another important innovation is that now pictures in Live mode Focus can be done using either an ultra-wide lens, or telephoto as on S10 and S10+ is a function, which by default is present on the Galaxy S10 5G. Do I Live Focus on all three devices Galaxy S10 used ultra-wide lens to blur the background because it makes it easier to do the side-shots of large objects, as well as what Live Focus is now on Galaxy S10e. Now, if you have a Galaxy S10 or S10+ when you shoot the side, you have the opportunity to get closer to objects shooting moving physically.

Nice to see that Samsung is making such a significant improvement for the camera in their latest flagship range, although this is not surprising, because since last year, Samsung is introducing new features for the camera — such as video recording mode, Super Slow-mo — like in their flagship, and in older and low-end devices. New update Galaxy S10 should improve the overall impression of the photos, those who regularly and a lot of photographs in low light, and those who love the artistic highlight in the images, which can give the Live Focus.

When can I get this update?

The may update that includes security fixes and improvements for the camera, now applies to all three models Galaxy S10 in Switzerland. You will be able to download it over the wireless network from the menu “Settings” > “software Update”. Availability of updates in the coming days will expand to more markets, so if you did not receive it at once, just check again a little later.

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