How the Apple Watch avoid false positives in the detection of arrhythmia

Despite the fact that the Apple Watch are not a medical tool, the accuracy with which they diagnose a heart arrhythmia, is at a very high level. In an interview with the magazine Men’s Health said Apple senior Vice President for health Sumbul Desai. According to her, the signature smart watch of the company do not make hasty conclusions about the health status of the user, preferring to spend a few extra checks before you report problems.

Apple Watch diagnose heart arrhythmia by reading the heart rate throughout the day with the subsequent analysis of the obtained data with the help of artificial intelligence. In order for the Apple Watch sent a notification that the user has signs of a disorder, a watch must receive a minimum of five confirmations of the presence of irregular rhythm. The way the clock minimizes the number of false positives.

Diagnosis of arrhythmia with the help of Apple Watch

Important role in the diagnosis of heart arrhythmia plays the user’s age, explains Desai. In particular, only 0.16% of people under the age of 40 years suffer from this disorder. Another thing – elderly people over 65 years. They have problems with the heart rhythm occur much more often, about 3% of cases. It is therefore very important when starting to research, to give the Apple Watch the correct instructions regarding your age to the diagnosis was carried out most efficiently.

But diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias is one of the few ways the Apple Watch, which are in the testing phase. It is known that Apple, in conjunction with scientists from different regions leads many researches teaching-branded smart watch to detect the signs of diabetes at an early stage, to calculate blood pressure by sensing the blood flow rate to the user and to identify the signs of sleep apnea, when breathing stops, regardless of the will of man.

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