How tested Samsung smartphones before going on sale?

Смартфоны Samsung

After a high-profile incident with the exploding smartphone Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung checks your device’s security with the utmost care. For example, batteries are the eight-stage testing, during which they are studied both visually and with special equipment. As it turned out, checking for safety and reliability this is not the limit — before going on sale devices are an additional 7 challenges.

Laboratory testing of smartphones Galaxy S and Galaxy Note is in the South Korean city of Suwon. His staff is carefully studying the reaction of the device to various loads, which can influence them during everyday use. When a fault is detected like a weak portion of the body or excessive heating, the test smartphones, are sent back for revision. The Department continues to work even after the release of the device on sale in time to investigate and correct errors.

Testing cameras

The laboratory staff have the equipment to simulate different types of lighting: solar lights, neon lights, twilight and so on. Testing inside the room ensures that the light will not be distorted by external factors. Changing conditions, the researchers take pictures of different objects and evaluate the quality of the photos. The correct operation of the camera is checked using special software that examines the characteristics of made frames.

Тестирование камер Samsung

Testing sound

Throughout the period of the smartphones emit a ringtone, playing music and allow you to hear the telephone interlocutor. To ensure sufficient volume and clarity of sound, employees are testing the device in two chambers. In the first completely neutralized the echo — so the experts assess the purity of sound. The second recreated real-world conditions of use: hold the device near your ear, enabling hands-free calling and using headphones. This way staff check how well you will hear the owner and the interlocutors during a conversation.

Тестирование звука Samsung

Testing temperature

Smartphones sometimes perform very demanding tasks that heat their interior fittings. To prevent overheating, the staff specially run demanding games and applications, and monitor the device temperature using a thermal camera. Upon detection of excessive heat in any part of the body, the device is sent back for revision.

Тестирование температуры Samsung

Testing the strength

In the laboratory there is a special Department where smartphones are thrown off on different surfaces from different heights. The process is filmed with a high frame rate — so experts see the angle at which often fall device. Based on these data come up with different ways to protect it from damage.

Тестирование на прочность Samsung

Testing for wear resistance

Some people do not change the smartphone for a few years, so it is important that the devices were stable to wear. Reliability is checked through repetitive actions: taps on the screen to open tray for sim-cards and use of connectors. The devices are tested for resistance to pressure exerted on the hull at the rear jeans pocket.

Тестирование на износостойкость Samsung

Testing for protection against water

To see how well the device is protected from moisture, the researchers recreate the conditions of rain and immersion at different depths. For example, to get the degree of protection of IPX8, the device must survive after a 30-minute dive to a depth of 1.5 meters. Wearable devices like Galaxy Watch designed to be worn while sailing, so take a placement test for resistance to different atmospheric pressure.

Тестирование на защиту от воды Samsung

Testing for environmental friendliness

Samsung devices are used worldwide, in different climatic conditions. That is why it is important that they not cause harm to the environment and worked both at zero and at zero temperature. Different thermal conditions are recreated inside special chambers, in which the staff put his hands and check operability of the devices.

Тестирование на экологичность Samsung

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