How quickly will ARM processors for Mac

It is no secret that Apple has been working on a Grand project, under which new Mac will have to obtain branded mobile processors. Obviously, many people are interested in how similar chips will show themselves in different usage scenarios. Will there be enough performance to work on the most complex projects?

Yesterday evening, the popular database performance test GeekBench 4 there’s an ARM-processor. Experts believe that it is one of branded chips Apple.

The fact that the marking of the processor does not correspond to the usual marking chips for the iPhone, it may say that we have before us the latest single-chip system designed for Mac computers. Let us look at the test results.

Apparently, performance issues should not be in sight:

Single-core test — 6912 points;

Multi-core test — 24240 points;

Graphics performance — 58433 points;

This is a really impressive result: the CPU traverses not only all existing ARM processors, but with a quick, today, mobile chip Intel Core i9-8950HK (which, incidentally, is equipped with top specification MacBook Pro 15).

The graphics subsystem also showed excellent results (level discrete graphics Radeon Pro 560X).

Of course, not that the test is accurate. But Apple has repeatedly shown us that he can create fast and powerful processors. That only is a proprietary chip Apple A12X that its net productivity passes 92% of all laptops. And there is no doubt that the engineers of our Corporation are able to develop a more productive chip.

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