How often Samsung is planning to update the line of foldable smartphones

Foldable Galaxy F, which will be presented at the MWC’2019, in Barcelona, will be the most advanced smartphone of the brand a year, according to phoneArena, citing a report of the General Director of Samsung Mobile, Dong-Jin Ko. According to him, the company plans to annually release a new model with folding design. The only way Samsung will be able to maintain its influence in the market, regularly offering consumers the most innovative solutions in the field of smartphone.

It is known that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone with 2013. During this time the company moved from a barely rolling display designs to fold, which was shown at a developers conference in San Francisco on November 7. But, according to patent applications, five years of Korean engineers managed to create not one, but several prototypes of the future smartphone that will enter the market over the next few years with the development of technology.

How to change Galaxy F

For example, Samsung is planning to start with increase the usable area of the display by reducing the frames around its perimeter. This is a proven way of improving the branded devices that the Koreans have successfully operated over the past few years. Subsequently, under the most favorable outcome, it is planned to turn the whole smartphone is actually the screen, each area which could be used for work.

Holographic display

But it is possible and more disruptive option. If you believe the descriptive part of one of the patents, Samsung expects to begin to equip foldable smartphones holographic projectors. Thanks to them the image on the screen will appear as three-dimensional objects in the air, allowing you to interact with them, performing all the necessary actions in the air by analogy with the Kinect.

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