How much will earn validators in Ethereum 2.0?

After switching to algorithm Proof-of-Stake function to add transactions to the blockchain Ethereum 2.0 instead of the owners of graphics cards will run the validators — the relying nodes in the network. Each of them will be able to earn from 4.6 to 10.4 percent in ETH as a reward for staking. To get the role of validator, you need to lock in a special smart contract, at least 32 ETH.

Who gets how much?

At a recent conference, Devcon 5 the head of the strategic Department ConsenSys Colleen Myers said that each validator really need to stake 32 ETH to begin to perform their duties. At the moment, this sum is equal to 5664 dollars. That is, at the current rate of earnings will be equal to the equivalent of 260 to 589 USD per year. Percent ( from 4.6 to 10.3 per annum) depends on the total volume of ETH steaks in a network. If there will be a minimum $ 2 million, then the percentage will be equal to 10.4, if the maximum $ 10 million, while the annual decline to 4.6 percent.

Reward members of the network the Ethereum 2.0. Source: table 2.0 ETH Economics

We will remind, the first stage of the transition to Ethereum 2.0 should initiate January 3, 2020. This has already been agreed in advance of the main developers of cryptocurrency.

With Proof-of-Stake as if the user fixes on his account a certain number of coins involved in the addition of blocks. Unlike PoW, power here is not important. Thus the greater the probability of finding the block holder will have greater balance.

PoS including protecting the blockchain, because the shareholders are not interested in any network attack and other risks. Indeed, in this case, the course of bitcoin is clearly fall, and it will affect their balance sheets.

Myers also spoke about the tool called ETH 2.0 Calculator. It allows the validator to calculate the potential profits and income for the year based on the cost of electricity and maintenance of equipment. The instrument is dedicated to chat in Telegram, created by Myers. Now in the pinned message at last, you can find online a table with a detailed description of income items ordinary validator.

By the way, the procedure of transition to an Ethereum 2.0 will be fast — for this is enough for six hours. In this regard, a normal user will not notice. The original blockchain, the Ethereum 1.0 will exist, but will lose its value.

It is noteworthy that in Ethereum 2.0 will operate the model is the minimum required issue (MNI). In other words, new coins ETH will be issued only to cover the cost of remuneration of the validators. According to captainvalor Ryan Sean Adams Mythos of Capital, like monetary policy has a huge advantage compared to Bitcoin.

In BTC maximum number of coins is limited, so after mining of the last bitcoin miners will be able to receive income only from the transaction fees. Adams notes that in such a situation, for network security main cryptocurrencies will not have the necessary funds, and the miners will have no incentive to support the blockchain of Bitcoin.

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Source: Forbes

By estimates of an analyst, the annual rate of inflation Ethereum 2.0 will be in the range from 0.3 to 1 percent, that is significantly reduced in comparison with the current rates. Note that after the following havinga Bitcoin, which will be held in the spring of 2020, the inflation rate of BTC will be fixed at around 1.9 percent. He’s marked by the red line in the chart below. The purple curve shows the change in the level of inflation Ethereum until today.

Changing levels of inflation Bitcoin (red) and Ethereum (purple). Source: CryptoSlate

Read more about the transition to Ethereum 2.0 is written in this article.

For the past day, the price of Ethereum grew by almost 10 percent. At the moment, bitcoin is trading at 177 dollars. It turns out that with the current course to obtain the status of the validator you need at least 5600 dollars. Are you ready to pay such a sum for the privilege “miner in Ethereum 2.0”? Share your opinion in our cryptodata millionaires!


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