How much was spent, users of smart phones on apps by 2017 to?


The report revealed a new buy market research Sensor Tower on rising revenue from paid apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases by 35% by 2017, as spending users nearly $ 60 million on both apps Android and iOS.

According to the published site androidauthority American, this is a significant rise from last year 2016, which was spending nearly $ 43.5 million on the application, either in respect of the estimated $ 60 million that was spent during this year, it has been divided into approximately 38.5 million for iOS apps, while spending $ 20.1 million for Android apps.

There the former exceed the proceeds of the iOS system to Android system, as noted in the application that the proceeds of the Apple applications are growing rapidly from year to year and by 34.7% for the revenue growth of Google Apps by 34.2%, the report indicated that the proceeds from gaming rose by 30%, i.e. slightly less than the application as a whole, but achieved an estimated $ 48.3 million, although revenue has grown slower than other types of applications, but games still accounted for nearly 82% of all proceeds applications.


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