How much money will lose miners after the Bitcoin halving?

The following halving will be “the most dramatic event” in the history of Bitcoin. This opinion is shared by a cryptanalyst under the name Crypto-Rand. According to him, after halving issue of new bitcoins will be reduced by almost 63 million dollars a weekthat will hit the pockets of the miners. These calculations are performed based on the current market value of BTC.

Recall halving is cutting awards to miners in each mined block of Bitcoin. The procedure is performed every 210 thousand units or approximately four years, during which the income of the miners is cut in half. Now they get 12.5 BTC per block, but from may 2020, this figure will be reduced to 6.25 BTC.

It’s time for the year

After the previous two haligov Bitcoin price moved in a bullish cycle and has updated its historical maximum. It is assumed that the following cuts awards will have a positive impact on the prospects for cryptocurrency investors.

It's very simple: the potential increase in the price of Bitcoin is dictated by the law of supply and demand. If the proposal — that is, the number of new bitcoins will drop in half, even when the previous popularity of cryptocurrency, the demand for each coin will rise considerably. Accordingly, people are willing to pay for BTC and more, which will lead to higher prices.

Crypto Rand compared the effects of two previous chalangov with the future in dollar terms. In 2012, taking into account the then market price of the cryptocurrency, its emissions decreased by 302 $ 400 per week. Four years later — that is, in 2016 — the amount has increased significantly. The weekly income of the miners decreased by 8.19 million in seven days.

If you do not remember the law of supply and demand, all the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate after halving are dictated solely by previous experience. That is, after the procedure of reducing the rewards per block BTC in the end ROS — though not immediately. So, this time supposedly should have done the same thing.

By the way, you need to know the extent of including in the projections. Earlier in the week, the businessman and developer John McAfee promised the growth rate of Bitcoin to two million per coin by the end of next year. Sounds like science fiction.

By the way, some do not consider halving defining event for bullrun. Chapter Bitmain Jihan Wu previously said that Bitcoin can not grow after the long-awaited halving.

Let’s hope that Jihan Wu is wrong, and BTC will continue to delight us with new heights. The situation on the market follow our cryptodata millionaires. Also don’t forget to follow us on Yandex Zen.


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