How much is irresponsibility. The ransom amount in the “cryptovirus” doubled

Average cryptocurrency payment of ransom malware has increased dramatically in the first quarter of 2019. This was reported by representatives of the company, which helps victims pay ransoms. In his quarterly report notes Coveware, in the fourth quarter of last year, the average ransom was $ 6733 dollar. However, according to statistics for the first three months of the current year amount increased by 89 percent and now reaches 12762 dollars.

The price of ransom is increasing due to the fact that viruses and ransomware each time becoming smarter. Now hackers know how to encrypt the files of victims and demand a ransom to unlock it. Among the most common worms are Ryuk, Bitpaymer and Iencrypt.

Source: Adamant Capital

Typically, the malicious software used in targeted attacks on large enterprises. Ryuk spreads faster all. However, during the first quarter of 2019, the virus has taken only the third place, while the leading Dharma and GandCrab.

Ryuk also primarily focused on large organizations. According to the report, increasing not only the spread of viruses, but the ransom for a favorable solution to the problem. For example, a virus Dharma requires an average of 9742 dollars, and if you pick up Ryuk, you will have to pay as much as $ 286 556.

Source: Adamant Capital

Due to its popularity and value of Bitcoin is likely still for a long time will be a tasty morsel for intruders. While Coveware notes that hackers are increasingly looking to private cryptocurrency on the type of Dash.

Hackers are not necessarily limited to lock files or computers. For example, in the summer of last year, hackers threatened to hack the airport “Domodedovo” and demanded a ransom in bitcoins. Representatives of the security Department of the airport said all the necessary measures. In our cryptodata will find other useful information.

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