How many millions burned in the war of Harrachov between Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC SV? The response of analysts

Losses in the “war of Harrachov” between the teams of the forks of the Bitcoin Cash reached $ 11.8 million. Claimed analysts of the research Department of the exchange BitMEX. The outcome of the confrontation is near — now Bitcoin ABC occupies a dominant place in the market as the number of blocks and recognition at cryptocommunist. How long will to resist Craig Wright and how much money he will spend?

Bitcoin SV is losing the war

According to published research, the first blocks of both forks was extracted in a loss to the miners. Immediately after the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash they focused more on the superiority of support among cryptoendoliths and Hasrat.

Bitcoin SV (BCHSV) lost this battle, because it mainily with a negative margin of 441 percent. In other words, the cost of miners on mining BCHSV higher than income 4.4 times, just they lost $ 2.2 million. At the same time a negative profitability Bitcoin ABC amounted to only 51 per cent with total losses of $ 1.3 million. Experts said that their calculations were based on the basis of “cheap electricity” cost 5 cents for one kilowatt.

Team Bitcoin SV in despair. This week one of the main supporters BCHSV Calvin Eyre said that already takes legal action against Kraken on the basis of “market manipulation”, in which the exchange allegedly gave the advantage to the Bitcoin ABC. What kind of “meanness” made in Kraken? The exchange began trading with both fork, but Bitcoin SV has flagged as “extremely risky investment”.

Craig Wright and his team also have some difficulties with the reorganization of the blockchain from their main pool Coingeek. The incident caused a storm of emotions in cryptocommunist and Coingeek publicly accused of centralization.

In the end, Calvin Eyre said he wants to end the war, to focus on “business objectives.” Craig Wright has supported the colleague. In his opinion, the final winner in this confrontation will determine the market. And while you can root for the best in our cryptodata.


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