How many bans would like to explain steps to cancel the block would like the Jodel Unblock

Explain how to cancel the prohibition of the wishes of chat and comment

How to cancel a ban wish? And how to lift the block wishes and how AVC prohibition of the wishes of the enjoy the chat and commentary and impressive, or do any activity on this software , would like the jodel is one of the applications that made the headlines in recent months, the aim of which is to publish content anonymously without revealing the identity and does not require registration and is in the range of 10 kilometers only , and be publishing on this app is restricted to certain conditions, is expected to ban any account at any moment to simply bypass these terms and conditions may be delete your entire account , In this topic of our site How does the technique know on a week account ban would like and how you can decipher the prohibition would like to explain the steps of the decoding block would like the Jodel unblock and the way to prevent this ban and its repeal at the expense of the iodine, the Jodel , and retrieve your Account page .

What is the program would like the Jodel is?

The application would like to download is of apps social networking possible , he’s Special in his idea and in his work too, it depends on the value of publish publications and audio and videos between people near your geographical location, it is a balance between people living in one area, and express their own situation if they wanted to but in a decent way too, and all this is done without revealing the identity of the user who for and the users who comment understand the whole anonymous, it is not like other social networking applications and imposes restrictions on the user to exceed .

When you publish the publications of an immoral or indecent and inappropriate, and the violence will users say the application of iodine the Jodel reporting your publications, you’ll say when you draft the application would like the Jodel warn you and alert you to alert you to avoid a ban, and may also relate directly to ban without warning, when exposure to the you can no longer post any wishes or publication, and will not be able to participate and interact in the Society of iodine, and will also be able to send photos only after the decode from your account in the application would like the Jodel .


Explain the method of decoding the prohibition would like the Services page jodel unblock :

Now here’s how to decipher the prohibition of iodine , I blocked you for some reason of the former or that someone has reported you and blocked your account you will be able to decipher the ban and cancelled by following these steps :

That way to unscrew the blocking or blocking of account would like to be by a certain link or use an application proxy or software plasma, as in the other programs when it comes to your account for it, and I just blocked you for 3 days or for a week, and after the expiration of this period must be the abolition of the ban on your account in the application would like the Jodel .
In the case of the continued banning of your account on the application would like the Jodel for more than a week and exceeded these cities you should in this case do sending technical support position in order to consider that help you decipher the ban on your account .

But the other solution to unblock your account in the programme of iodine is by deleting the account and get a new account after waiting for 14 days and that being to delete the account in iodine takes the duration of 14 days , after which it becomes you can get an account would like to the new .

How to delete the account iodine?

The first step : by opening your profile in the account would like, which was blocked and then access to the settings .

The second step : you will find a list of the options at the bottom of its item to delete the account , click on it to delete the account and iodine .

The second step : will show you a bunch of reasons you have to choose a reason from them to be able to delete your account select from the list the item for another reason .

Step four : write a reason, and he’s been the banning of your account .

Fifth step : then it will show you a message to confirm the deletion, click on OK so your account has been deleted wait for duration of 14 days and then get on the account wish to a new use without a ban .

How you can change the location in the would like?

After you download the application Goodluck must do service to GPS, so the app says to specify the geographical location of your automatically, even continue to be with the individuals around you permanently, and is not providing you the service to access the site manually, if you travel to any remote location of herniation determine the geographical location of the initially, and stimulate it until you’re connected and know the latest news.

But looking for a lot of users about the change of location theory is fake you can do this with ease through a software download fake GPS that says fake GPS coordinates .

Download Fake GPS

Know in detail to explain the way to change the geographical location in the program would like and how you can take advantage of extra features to make it easier to use your account through the download wish download plus :

Download wish download plus

What is the reason of account ban would and shut it down?

We’ve mentioned that the program would like without the programs the different social media poses certain requirements and limitations for use can not be for any user bypassed so as not to ban his account and delete permanently after tiling most of the time , you know the most important reasons for prohibition of account wishes and prevent him from commenting and posting and liking :

  • The beginning you have to keep the morality high in publications that you publish, any publication was improper morally it will put your account in iodine the Jodel .
  • You should notice that the application would like the Jodel is not allowed to give personal information of users is never in your publications .
  • And in case you published any publications of a violent or images of violent or was in the areas where the blood or images offensive and the publication of abusive, your account for violation of terms of the application would like the Jodel in the publication .
  • You should create your publications from any harassment to others users and it does not contain any threats or I know one of the users of the application would like the Jodel, but you will be surprised to ban your account without warning .
  • And, of course, must be your posts on application would like the Jodel useful to others and function on the safety and away from the ball and rage, and read, and so far from eating the reputation of gas as bad or work to distort it with a view .

And so you must ensure that your publications are all in the application would like the Jodel a function of the goodness and peace and love and the benefit away from bad and right and hatred and eating others of anything that affects their damage or bad .

How you can report on anybody in the application would like the Jodel is?

May continue users people exceed the limits and conditions of the program would like and is abusing it, such as spreading leaflets or pictures offensive or related to third party damage, harm or incite violence , in this case, the solution is reporting , and that to be the app environment safe and secure from anything bad .

And steps to report any user application would like the Jodel is simple once you enter the application will be reviewed for you of iodine , and I encountered any of them bad, and find that the owner of the iodine load exceeds the border , then press it .

Then I will show you three points down the publication or iodine treatment , click on it to show a set of options , select the ones reported would like . And this you can do in any of the social networking apps .

طريقة التبليغ عن يودل
Way to report a wish to the
الابلاغ عن يودلة
Reported wants to interview


To report someone fully you must specify a reason for reporting this, and so after you have clicked on the ” report a wish ” you will be shown a range of reasons that you can choose from, select the appropriate reason,

سبب التبليغ عن يودل
Reason to report a wish to the

And then it will show you a message to confirm the reporting that you do in case I’m wrong you can come back, and if you are sure click on ” Yes ” you confirm that reporting is the right of a user , and yet I abound communications on wishes a particular client will be blocked from the program itself .


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