How lost Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon and what he has achieved in 18 years in two weeks only?

كيف خسر جيف بيزوس مالك أمازون ما حققه في 18 عاما خلال أسبوعين فقط؟

Loss know the company Amazon, the months of the global positioning competent e-commerce, how injured the owner of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, all of a sudden this defeat cruel?


Saw shares of Amazon declined sharply in recent weeks, the landed value of the company Global competent e-commerce is estimated at $ 250 million, a huge figure who did not lose his company before, for more than 20 years of competition in the global markets.

Came to the heavy loss suffered by the Amazon, after a forecast fall heavily to the company’s shares, which belongs to the strong competition from other companies, which is currently trying to break into the world of selling consumer products of all constancy.

A long struggle

It was the site of Amazon’s Famous, which is owned by the richest man in the world according to the Forbes magazine annual, Jeff Bezos, has reached the pinnacle of success thanks to its website which is specialized in e-commerce, which he founded in 1994, before it comes out in the Year 1997, after that it was Bezos works in the Office of financial analysis, buy D. W SHAW.

Wonder that the bulk of the huge wealth made through Amazon, which arrived to about $ 250 million in 2015, gone in the wind now, during the severe downturn that hit the shares, what is the effect of imprisonment on the wealth that exists accounts Bezos, in the shadow of the owning approximately 16% of the shares, which is equivalent to almost 96% of his total wealth.

Collective defeat

I don’t think Jeff Bezos, is the only loser among the billionaires, celebrities from around the world, which has led to the violent stock market world also to the loss of the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, more than $ 2.5 million in failed companies Apple , Google, and Netflix are available also with heavy losses, did not expect many to reach this limit.

According to forecasts of experts, the translation of the remarkable shares of cloud computing, especially that suffered by Amazon, will not affect severely dramatic on the future activities of the company, where likely financial experts the company return the world to the previous success of their with the demise of the effects of loss but the passage of some time.

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