How Lock apps iPhone password

Despite iOS more security, do not provide Apple TV lock for applications, making the device susceptible to the development of others, but there is a trick, come within the duration of use of the device provided in iOS 12.

You can use the borders feature of time lock for applications without the need to develop a third party, so that if user override the time limits specified in the feature limits the app, requires them to enter a passcode so you can use the app again.

Thus, the set-off time within the limits of the application, after 1 minute of usage per day, required to open the app after that minute to enter a passcode.

Water is not available for iPhone only, but can be repented iPad take advantage of them, provided they run iOS 12.

Lock apps passcode

Step 1: head to Settings and then did the duration of use of the device, and directed to use the entry code duration of use of the device, so you must set a pass code different from the pass code lock the phone.

Step 2: if you want to use the same passcode protect specific applications on all devices iPhone and iPad that you use the same account, be sure to select all devices, from the top left of the screen the password setting.

Step 3: under Settings limits the app, choose what you want to protect it from the apps and set the time to stop , and then you definitely enter a passcode.

Step 4: after the set time applications, click on add top left of the screen, you will notice then that the passage of time can not enter the application only through the “request more time” and enter the access code.

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