How it helps you iOS 12 to control the time wasted in?

Of things funny and brilliant at the same time that technology companies started to pay attention to the gravity of what they did to us from wasting time and continuous because we are beginning to see the advantages reveal updates to reduce the time wasted on these smart devices. In this article we review the advantages of iOS 12, which aims to provide this consultation and make us manage time better.

كيف يساعدك iOS 12 على مراقبة الوقت المهدر؟

At the conference WWDC the latest Apple has revealed about the three basic benefits you will get the system to convert from hand time management these advantages are:

◉Improved in the feature do not disturb.

◉ Improvements in notifications

◉ Features a time screen and modern apps

In the following lines we learn on these three points in detail

Feature do not disturb

Water is my favorite and is the most sophisticated in front of their homes, who tried to imitate but are much lower than in Apple. Water got to challenge the speakers essential are:

Notifications dark: during the night the if you notice will appear in the language (black and white) which result in less lighting as possible so that if you are attentive, you will notice the presence of the notice; if you are close to sleep it won’t bother you low light this notice.

Turn off the custom: at the moment you can turn on do not disturb and make it close either automatically at a specific time or manually. In iOS 12 there will be more sophisticated options such as operating hours or operating in a specific location to request the iPhone you when you leave this place, will automatically turn off the water. As well as you can set it with calendar for example you have a date registered from 3 to 6 and automatically after the previous will iPhone turn off do not disturb because you are out of the time of your appointment.

Improved notifications

Maybe I didn’t add Apple’s improvements that I was hoping for in the update but what you added was great too. Notifications are the other got 3 new advantages they are:

Notices quiet: a new option to Auto is that sometimes you prefer to get notice of a particular application but don’t bother watching it immediately. So this option makes the app sends the notification directly to the Notification Center; you will not get an alert of the arrival notice and the sounds and no light will appear in the lock screen but if you open the Notification Center you will find it there.

Proposal goal: automatically Siri learns and knows what to use and if you find that there is a specific application you don’t interact with the notifications for immediate will start in a proposal to stop notifications of this app or make it quiet, no need to have to get continuously on the notice to buy and you don’t interact with them huh?

Compilation of notifications: Apple has compiled notices together; instead of displacement to find the notification email and then another from facebook, and then Twitter and then message and then an e-mail so now you can see notifications grouped per application. And of course there is the option to stop notifications of this app.

The screen time

Best to name her the screen time and not advantage; in spite of the presence of a feature similar to in Amazon as well as Google, but your Apple more development significantly. In sum added you to the Apple in the settings the option to accurately tell you about your use of your device as follows:

Detailed report: a daily report showing you your usage for various applications divided applications as well as departments for example use the Facebook app two hours and straining the hours Instagram hours shows you these details as well as to the application of communication have been used 4 hours.

A comparative report: the system will automatically compare you use your apps and shows you that the application of SIC or communication applications or games such as the increased use of recently available your this helps you to pay attention early if started type of application attracts your includes time.

App boundaries: you can choose max mode for any application you choose will show you a notice that you’re almost up to this limit.

Sync usage: you are the person you have iPhone and iPad so Apple has work to sync to use you together with this the use of Twitter hours on the iPhone and then an hour on the iPad will be shown to you at the time of use total hours divided by hours on each device. Any report that shows overall usage for your devices, not one device.

Devices children: if you have special devices your children and record it in family sharing Family Sharing Free can for or the mother to know the details of the former for children. As well as setting limits for each type of application.

Time to sleep: hear Apple’s Down Time but the best time to sleep. Parents can choose certain time to expect your children to automatically for work that they leave the device and go to sleep.

The application of non-restrictive: parents can choose some of the advantages and applications to be untied by a certain time or subject for bedtime: you’ll want to allow your children at any time contact you as well as use the educational apps but after 8 pm not allowed applications games like. So I automatically expect games to work after 8 but use learning apps as well as the connection property in the device to your kids if you want. Any you decide what works and when it works as it works.

What do you think about the advantages of iOS 12 for in the time wasted on the smart devices? Any of the advantages mentioned above you like most?

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