How is the utilization of the old iPhone? Apple has revealed all the secrets

In 2016, Apple first showed the robot Liam, who dismantle old and broken iPhone for subsequent processing. This initiative was motivated by a concern for the environment. But Apple did not stop in 2018, the company introduced an improved version of the robot Daisy. But how exactly is the process of recycling old devices? In honor of the approaching Earth Day (April 22), Apple decided to lift the veil of secrecy.

In Austin, Texas is a secret laboratory “Material Recovery” area of 9,000 square feet. This is where the whole process of recycling your iPhone away from direct to disassembly procedure of processing. The main pride of the factory — advanced robot Daisy.

Robotic mechanism looks really impressive — the length of the robot nearly 10 feet and weighs several tons. The main objective is to Daisy iPhone disassembly and further sorting the received components, screws, screens, camera modules, metal parts. When everything is sorted, some parts can be reused, and something you can just melt.

The robot is able to cope with any modern smartphone Apple: from iPhone 5 and ending with the flagship models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Just over an hour (!) Daisy is able to parse more than 200 iPhone.

It would be strange if the recycling process could be called easy. Alas, it is not so — every iPhone goes through several stages:

  • The first stage is the smartphone the conveyor belt. From that moment the fate of the iPhone is a foregone conclusion.

  • The second stage is the dismantling of the screen. With a jeweler’s precision the robot takes aim and shoots from the device display. Usually the whole process takes a matter of seconds.

  • The third stage is having access to the internals of the iPhone, the robotic mechanism begin immediate dismantling: untwist the screws, removed the battery.

  • In the process, Daisy can use liquid nitrogen, for example in order to quickly and easily remove the device’s battery, which is glued tightly to the iPhone.

  • After the screws are removed, the robot proceeds to disassembly main components: camera, sensors, speakers, small logic Board. Ultimately, the device is processed. And all other components are carefully sorted and tested.

Incidentally, you can also turn your old iPhone for recycling. And take advantage of the recycling program even in Russia — it is enough to consult the relevant section on the Apple website.

Apple has developed a Daisy is not just is one of Apple’s plans to transition to organic production. In the annual report of environmental conservation, the company announced that it intends to completely switch to the use of recycled materials. The beginning is already made — the hull of the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini are created entirely from recycled aluminum.

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