How is the process of verifying applications in its App Store

The App store was presented back in 2008. Then, few people imagined that this ambitious project would become so successful and popular. Now the App Store has hundreds of thousands of apps and games, many of which are free. It is noteworthy that all this time Apple has not used the automated test system applications. Perhaps this is the secret of success?

Since launch and to this day, all apps and app updates in the App Store are checked by the operator manually.

For screening applications division is responsible App Review. This Department works with about 300 people — they are divided into special teams. Some of the staff responsible for English-speaking apps and the rest for apps in other languages.

All reviewers are officially employed in the Apple: they get paid by the hour, medical and other benefits payable to the employees of the Corporation. The jobs they get through a special internal web service.

First time reviewer you trust to process the application for a simple application for iPhone and iPad. Over time, checking the give access to Apple Watch apps and Apple TV, and then to the apps with in-app purchases and subscriptions.

The application is tested twice: the automatic system of identification of problems, and only after this manual verification. A day one employee App Review to be able to study from 50 to 100 applications. The strictly established system, Apple is able to test up to 100,000 applications per week.

On average, about 40% of applications received applications not tested. It is important that the program or the game did not contain any illegal, prohibited content, as well as worked flawlessly. Otherwise, the application is sent back for revision, with an indication of errors found, or violations of the rules App Store.

In the event of a dispute, developers can also always contact the Department’s App Review Board for appealing decisions.

It is remarkable, but Apple does not provide any special conditions for large developers. Validation is performed in the queue, and exceptions for no one. At least, so say the insiders.

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