How integrated is collaborating sites and blogs with social networking

You’ve read the tweets all support the topic of this article and the content and importance of the document instead of posting it in the tweets or postings here and there, I tried to find that tweet, I called up my skills in me neck Google to get me what I want exactly, and I spent some time and I’m trying to right the north until I was finally able to access those tweets published by brother “essam hamouda” which reads as follows:

Don’t kill the content published as a series of tweets on Twitter, trusted him, been or video to support your age!

This fact that I begin by this article is not without significance, but I’m used to for reflection to explain to you how to content published in social networks usually adds into oblivion, it is true that it remains stored somewhere inside one of the servers of the giant in one of the(Data Centers) scattered in the bekaa Valley in the cold in the world, but the problem is that it’s hard for me therefore easily accessible, because the idea of networks based on “communication” as is clear from its name.

We don’t say that those platforms are not publishing content, but say it is not the best place devoted to digital content good and useful, as it can be integrated with textual content publication in locations that are easily archived by search engines (Google mainly) and therefore easily accessible by general users.

Social networks in which the feature has a defect, the water it’s the best way to reach the audience and achieve non-proliferation, what you post can reach large efforts of the few, but live her to arrange the content based on time, the old content die a slow death gradually becomes difficult to access.

On the other side we have websites and blogs, the original producer of the content script, the house that’s easy for you to arrange and search engines to archive, though, so find and watch the mass exodus of those homes digital is geared towards homes and temporary, and may say it seems that people no longer read blogs, you want what bat weight and small size of information scattered here and there.

For this problem we offer this article as a solution to prevent buying from the problem of poor turnout, how can create integration between websites, blogs, and social networks of various types, on the other hand, so that those networks a renewable source of readers and visitors and websites and blogs home digital get digital content and.

Digital marketing

There must be traffic to this point which may be well known, they are the interest the obvious and used by most of the makers of the content, say to find the day website or blog and not have the other interfaces in the networks especially on Facebook and twitter, and an article published in the site is posting a link in those accounts in order to bring some visits, it is wanted following a blog or someone, also not to follow his account HTTPS to introduce a new book of his case published.

Summary of YouTube

We come now to the use and investment of YouTube and how you can create integration and cooperation between it and the site or the city, value is not like other networks, where content remains alive, but that he might recover and thrive more with the progress of days and years, the algorithms within the organization to help in the exploration of valuable content dissemination among users (through recommendations and suggestions) even though it passed long years.

But keep the article text or the written report is the original, any documentary film is basically a story written or script written paragraphs in detail and then based on the exit we have to build his film, and video tutorial is based for the text in most cases.

The idea is in the linked article or the video is published on YouTube, the video could be a summary of the contents of the article (especially when the article is long), and mention the article link under the video in the description, With reference made within the video for those who wanted to refer increased, and therefore entitled to the debtor a double benefit, helps to bring more visitors from YouTube in addition to search engines.

Tweets convinced

People love tweets short (butter and all) so they love Twitter, but some may want to read more about the same topic, and for that, don’t deprive your readers of the reference of the original material that you post on your site or your blog, in Twitter it could quote you some extracts and benefits and it today, tomorrow and even years later.

Tweets can be an effective way to recycle digital content, enliven, where you can offer the benefit of free-standing cross of the Teutonic at the same time promoting the original content published in the site or city and you may keep on both, the published digital content in the appropriate place, and tried on your activity within the social networks.

Notations supportive

Can solve the problem of slow content in social networks by cross-linking some of the content articles or the codification of the data in the site, but how so?

The idea is useful when it is published some of the content interconnected in social networks, such as the series of videos on Facebook to discuss common themes emerged studios on Facebook have been waiting and to a large audience in a short time, so some prefer the makers of content publishing, but the problem is that those videos may die with the days and down the timeline until they disappear from sight, so one of the Effective Solutions is to write a blog is a directory featuring together that content, contain introduction, and then embed this content in tidy and beautiful.

Social commentary

Can use the Facebook tool for writing comments, websites and blogs, in order to ease the burden on the community and facilitate the process of adding comments, and are subjected to all of the community and in enriching the digital content, the comments can add a lot to the body of the article by letting your views or experiences relating to the subject of the article.

At the end of the site or the city is the home of my number have held ownership, while those pages in the network and what is the only rented houses, you have a contract free rental properties is limited, with the usufruct of the property in favour of the original owner (display advertising) and you are restricted you do not have the full powers, would you rather the main effort in what you have or what you’re renting it.

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