How ended the reign of Windows Phone by Android and iOS?!

Microsoft officially announced days ago that they will be ending support for phones running Windows Phone 10 (Windows 10 Mobile) by on December 10, 2019, and has advised Microsoft Windows users of the iPhone moving to Android or iOS.

كيف انتهى عهد نظام ويندوز فون على يد أندرويد و iOS ؟!

How ended the reign of Windows Phone by Android and iOS?!

Microsoft’s decision means it will stop the development of Windows Phone and will not release any security updates by the date stated, while users will be able to continue to use their devices without updates, sold or replaced.

Windows Phone .. the beginning and the end!

Windows iPhone is a custom operating system for phones action Microsoft has developed and launched for the first time in 2010 and then followed updates Windows Phone 8.1 2014.

In 2015, Microsoft has launched a new update of the special type of the system on behalf of the Windows 10 Mobile with the aim of increasing the level of integration between smartphones and PCs operating system Windows, but that didn’t work in attracting users.

Started dying windows to the iPhone before years from now because of the weakness of demand and the difficulty of marketing to in the shadow of the strong presence of Android and iOS systems, as a failure of windows to the iPhone to attract independent developers industry applications especially for.

The point most remarkable in the history of the windows iPhone is a partnership of Microsoft with Nokia 2011 industry phones name Nokia (Microsoft later) and windows iPhone as a substitute for old Nokia “Slashdot”, this partnership produced the public phones Nokia Lumia famous at the time.

هواتف نوكيا لوميا بنظام ويندوز فون

Phones Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone

Despite all the attempts of Microsoft and Nokia to attract the attention of developers and consumers, not entitled to Windows iPhone the desired results over the nine years is the life of the system not exceed its acquisition of the global smart phone sales 4% at the most under the domination of the tyrant for Android and iOS.

Was can Windows iPhone to be a third option in front of the user next to Android and iOS, but a failure in marketing, weak demand and thus the indifference of the developers to develop apps on the platform is not a broad mass base, the whole main reasons I wrote the death certificate of the windows to the iPhone to get a look BlackBerry, and the smartphone market is a minor on system Android and iOS.

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