How does the program return old iPhone

Earlier this year, Apple launched the Apple GiveBack program. This option offers to donate your old smartphone or computer and receive a discount on a new product. Alternatively, you can hand over your device for free recycling. Journalist BusinessInsider’keeffe Leswing decided to check how exactly is the refund process for this he sold his old iPhone 6.

The article was published in the blog BusinessInsider.

The first thing I went to a special section on the Apple website where it is possible to estimate the potential cost of the device.

Here I had to answer a few questions about the current state of my smartphone.

I was surprised by the fact that Apple takes on exchange and reprocessing devices from other manufacturers. Very unexpected move from the company.

After completing the test, I found out that my iPhone 6 was valued at $ 75. If I give my smartphone, I will not receive funds directly — I will only give a gift card with the appropriate value, which can then be used only in the Apple Store.

The deed is done. Now I need to turn myself in to an Apple retail store to complete the return procedure.

Before making my device, the Apple Store employee asked me the same questions I answered on the website. Pretty strange, considering that he could test the smartphone of their own.

My iPhone 6 had a slight drawback — the back side was glued the magnet which was necessary for mounting the assist. Remove it was not easy, and the staff member said that this is considered “modification of appearance”, so they can’t give me a gift card. I was asked to take the device for free recycling.

However, after a while the magnet still managed to pull off. The shop issued a refund, and I got my hands on a gift card for $ 75.

The whole process took 30 minutes including the time I place an order and got to the Apple Store. I think that in the future I will again use this service.

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