How does the game mode on the OnePlus 6. The details and activation

OnePlus unveiled a new flagship in may. Smartphone large frameless, hollow-top, dual camera, 8 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845. Also has a battery of 3300 mAh and a protective glass Gorilla glass 5. The device supports a game mode for maximum fun while playing.

Gaming mode was the evolution of Gaming DND, which the company introduced last year. It has more useful features for gamers, reports Android Central.

How does the game mode on the OnePlus 6

Task Gaming Mode — do not distract the user during the game. This is the option to block all notifications. Incoming calls and alarms do not belong to them, however the call can be immediately redirected on the speaker.

Mode is also able to record the brightness level at the same level for eye comfort. Function Network boost prioritizes gaming traffic and thus reduces the number of delays in online games.

Gaming Mode can be reduced in the settings of the resolution of the game and even the number of frames per second. This will affect the battery life. A function is unlikely to be useful for the colorful shooter, but in a simple puzzle, it will be a sense.

How to enable gaming mode in OnePlus 6

Activating Gaming Mode hidden in the advanced (Advanced) system settings.

Then select the desired game and put a tick next to it.

OnePlus, its flagships and innovations by tradition, discussed in the telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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