How does the data center that Apple took from the bankrupt partner

The opportunity to visit the data center Apple in Place, Arizona is not for everyone. She appeared at the publication Arizona Republic, which shared experiences and photographs. Building area 120 thousand square meters, like a fortress with endless corridors and concrete floors. Of course, there are a lot of server hardware.

Outside, there is no mention of the fact that the building is owned by the largest public company that manufactures electronics. Behind the thick walls I can not see anything, and access to the territory guarded by the security service. Even letting Arizona Republic on the territory, Apple has refused to answer questions about what is happening in the data center. Representatives of the company explained that it security requirements.

It is obvious that a data centre with servers responsible for services such as iMessage, Siri and iCloud. The process of follow staff the command center. They work there in shifts for 10 hours.

This is only one of several data-centers of Apple. In 2014, the building was released , the company GT Advanced Technologies, which is engaged in the production of sapphire glass. In the past few years, Apple has had to rebuild the plant in the datacenter.

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