How does it affect the defects of Meltdown and the Spectre on your computer?

Come computer processors of the design flaws of the enormous, everyone is scrambling to fix it. But can correct the design of only one of the two holes of the security, it will make this patch the PC (and Mac) slower with chips Intel.

  • What is a Meltdown and the Specterof?

Specter is a “defect in the basic design” is present in each unit of the central processing units in the market – including AMD and ARM as well as Intel, and is likely to require the re-design of complete hardware central processing units (CPU) at the management level, according to researchers of security it is possible to protect your computer against the attacks of the Specter, as do the developers, but the best solution is to re-design the hardware of the CPU to all segments of the CPUs of the future.

The Meltdown is basically makes the Specter of the worst by making a fundamental flaw much easier to exploit. They are basically defect additional affects all Intel processors made in the last few decades. It also affects some processors ARM Cortex-A Advanced, but it does not affect the AMD chipset.It is worth mentioning that the reform of the Meltdown in the operating systems of the day.

Phones Evo will slow after updates and patching for the Spectre

  • But how do these gaps?

Work programs that exist on your computer different levels of security permissions. Where the kernel operating system – Windows kernel or Linux kernel, for the highest level of permissions because it runs the show. It also contains desktop software permissions less. It uses kernel features and device processing to help enforce some of these constraints, it is faster to do it with hardware from other programs.

The problem here is “the implementation of the speculative” speculative execution. For reasons of performance, where modern CPUs will automatically run the instructions they think they may need to run them, and if I do it, it can simply return the system and return it to its previous state. However, the presence of a bug in Intel and ARM processors that allows programs running processes can not be operated normally, where the operation is performed by the therapists to ascertain if you must have her permission to include her or not. This is a bug meltdown Meltdown.

As the fundamental problem in all of Meltdown and the Spectre within cache memory for the CPU. Where the application can try to read memory, if he reads something in the cache, it will complete the process faster. If you try to read something that is not in the cache, it will be completed slower. This is in addition to boil that the application can find out if something write fast or slow, while it is being cleaned and everything during the development of anti-D, and can hide the time it takes to perform the operation. They can then use this information to create a map for anything in the computer’s memory, for once in all the time. Also works as cache to speed up things, but these attacks benefit from this improvement to the security flaw.

So, in the worst cases, can JavaScript code JavaScript code that runs in your web browser to read the effective memory that should not have access to it, such as information contained in other applications. The cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, who host the programmes of different companies in multiple virtual machines are different on the same device are at particular risk. Can Software one person, in theory, trade for stuff in a virtual machine for another company. It is a breakdown in the separation between applications. The correction of the Meltdown that this attack will not be easy. Unfortunately, I put these additional checks in place means that some operations will be slower on the affected organs.

That’s why working developers to correct programs that make the implementation of the attacks of the Specter more difficult. For example, the feature helps isolate the location of the new Chrome in Google on the protection of it, have conducted Mozilla already some rapid changes on Firefox. Also conducted Microsoft some changes to help protect the Edge and Internet Explorer in the Windows Update, Available now.

If you are interested in the details of a very low level for both the Meltdown and the Specter, you can read the technical explanation of the team Project Zero from Google, who discovered the errors in the last year. Also that there is more information available also on the website

  • How will my computer slower?

Had Microsoft released on January 9, some information about the performance of the patch. According to him, the Windows 10 operating system in personal computers that date back to the reign of 2016 with Skylake or Kabylake or the latest Intel shows the “slowing of Number One” and why shouldn’t notice it most of the users. Lost witness Windows 10 on PCs, dating back to the year 2015 with Haswell or the old CPU of the slow largest, expects Microsoft to note some users to a decline in the performance of the system for this reason.

Therefore, users of Windows 7 and 8 aren’t lucky. Where Microsoft says that they “expect that most users of their decline in the performance of the system” when using Windows 7 or 8 on a particular computer era of 2015 with Haswell or the old CPU. Not only does the use of Windows 7 and 8 on the use of a CPU that old it can’t run the patch with the same efficiency, but the “Windows 7 and Windows 8 have more transitions of the user, due to the design decisions of old, like all the processes of delivery of lines that occur in nuclear”, and this also slows down things.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft plans to implement its own standards and issue more details in the future, but we don’t know exactly the extent of the effect of the correction of the Meltdown on the daily use of a personal computer even now. He has written Dave Hansen, the developer of the Linux kernel works at Intel, originally to the changes that are made in the Linux kernel will affect everything. According to him, most of the workloads experiencing a slowdown in double figures, with a slowdown of almost 5%. It was the worst case scenario is a slowdown by 30% in the test network, although it varies from one task to another. These figures are for the Linux operating system, however, they do not necessarily apply to Windows. Where the reform lead to slow system calls, and then the task which contains a lot of system calls, such as compile programs and run virtual machines, is likely to slow down more than others.

It also contains computers with a processor Intel Haswell or newer to feature PCID (the ID of the process) that help debugging well. You may see computers that contain Intel processors old a greater reduction in speed. Where is the implementation of the standards mentioned earlier on Intel processors with modern PCID, so it is not clear how will Intel old

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How does it affect the defects of Meltdown and the Spectre on your computer?

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