How do you treat social media with the terrorist incident in New Zealand

Consult 50 Muslim today, during Friday prayers, after the terrorists opened fire on two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand.

The main product of the terrorist attack broadcast live video and listened to a 17 minute show armed and mosque to stop dozens of Muslims among the dead and wounded, during the performance of Friday prayers.

She said New Zealand police alert management Facebook shortly after the live broadcast, to provide the administration to remove the video from Facebook into, according to correct the the Lumia your neighbor, Your Town Car Facebook for both Australia and New Zealand.

During the following hours, spread copies of the video on social media the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, what raises the question about the ability of companies to manage the content of the harmful and remove it from the product.

You tell your neighbor to your “if Facebook deleted any praise or support of the crime and those involved in the shooting, as soon as the knowledge of the company”.

Stated a spokesperson from Twitter that the company “has suspended the account in-depth accident fire and they work to tackle the spread of the video and remove it from the House.”

In view of the policy of YouTube which is owned by Google, so delete the “content is horrific and violent and harmful to” once they become aware of his presence, but the company refused to comment on its role in addressing the spread of the video.

This wasn’t the first time that depicts the law of his crime in a live broadcast on social media, but the enormity of the crime raises the question of how the ability of firms to monitor the violent content in? What is the estimated time for tracking the specific content and blocking it entirely?

When talking about the incident today, didn’t work, the system of artificial intelligence that rely on Facebook in the identify on the video images of the violent, as police said he had been alerted by the New Zealand Police.

Says Steve Moore, local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation the former, “the spread of the video might inspire copycats”, and what does the public watch the video “is to help terrorism, then they shared the video or you’re part of this terrorism.”

Source: CNN

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