How do you run YouTube videos and the phone screen closed

كيف تقوم بتشغيل فيديوهات يوتيوب وشاشة الهاتف مغلقة

The YouTube platform is one of famous visual content on the web, with millions of video clips that users uploaded, we find a lot of videos of our favorite there, but we face a common problem not solve until now it is not possible to play videos when screen locked phone, because YouTube wants users to stay on site and watch the ads, so once you go out of the phone screen, the video pauses automatically, if they work?

We will learn in this topic on some of the ways that will allow the user to run YouTube videos even after closing the screen.

The first way: use a web browser

You can count on a popular web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to watch YouTube videos without turning on the phone screen and perform the following steps:

  • Download and install the browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your smartphone.
  • Then open the web browser and go to YouTube then click on the browser settings (Three dots).
  • And select feature request desktop site which allows you to open YouTube but by the computer on the phone.
  • Run any video, you will find that it still works after the lock screen of your phone.

The second way: use the application NewPipe

Application NewPipe is considered a great alternative to YouTube but it not be available on the Google Play Store this is due to a number of functions that it provides, including running videos in the background and support for high-resolution images of different and of course the water that we’re looking for a continued run YouTube videos even if the phone screen is locked, in order to be able to use the app, you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources across the idea of security to the phone.

Then you must install the store F-Droid of comfort came to me :


Will automatically download a list of free applications, including our application to NewPipe, the next step is to click on the app and install it, finally, when you run the application NewPipe will show you the interface conditions search red on top and white, all you have to do is write the name of the singer or the song, it will find you.

When you are running your favorite video from YouTube via the application of NewPipe when the screen is off will stop the video, but if you click on Settings application and select the job in the background Switch to background, when will all the videos even if the phone screen is closed.

The second way: use the app Audiopocket

Another way to run YouTube videos with The turned off screen of your smartphone through the app Audiopocket which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the app is an easy to use tool converts videos from YouTube to an audio file of work in MP3 format and thus can run the audio file in the background on the phone without a problem to use the app Audiopocket perform the following steps:

  • Open the YouTube application and search for your favorite video
  • Do watch the video on the app Audiopocket
  • Wait a bit until the app loads the video and audio file
  • You will receive a notice after the process is complete and then will run the audio file automatically in the background even if the lock screen your smart phone.

Finally, any previous methods mentioned at the top prefer when you play YouTube videos, also can you tell us in the comments if you have another way to rely on it to play YouTube videos with The turned off screen of the phone.

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How do you run YouTube videos and the phone screen closed

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