How do you remove anymore the user a lot of the keyboard?

Become the emoji or anymore a primary language used to express what is simmering in our souls on different social media platforms. They choose a group of words or sentences, and may be believe in the expression of the dog. We find in the keyboard section dedicated to the containing page of the user recently or who use it frequently. Has this section contains emoji, you can no longer use never. So how do you re-organize those icons, or to reset to default and start from New?

كيف تقوم بإزالة الإيموجي المستخدم كثيرا من لوحة المفاتيح؟

It is worth mentioning, that before you reset the abolition of the symbols used heavily, then you will also reset the keyboard dictionary any will delete all the words, text and predictive gained the keyboard throughout the use of your phone. Because the keyboard you automatically depending on artificial intelligence to retain the words that you type frequently such as your name or address, etc. and keep it as a text predictive to be introduced later during the writing.

It will delete the sentence that I wrote in advance so as to be predictable or replaced words or other phrases once you write the characters first. Like if you previously registered the phrase “Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you” simply by writing the word “peace” will show the whole sentence as a text predictive. Unfortunately all of that will be deleted.

It is also the words that you say Apple corrects it automatically to another word, but you reject that word, then save it in the dictionary so as not to be corrected automatically the next time. For example, if you wanted to write the word “golf” once you press the spacebar button to find it changed to “Bean” a hernia with her and write “golf” once again, here are saved and do not tell Apple to change it next time.

You may choose emoji predictive for a period of time after the reset the dictionary. With repeated use of emoticons will be that water again.

Will not affect re-adjust keyboard on any keyboard other you have installed, such as a keyboard chameleon or Google Gboard. Re-appointment does not apply only on the Apple keyboard only.

If you want to re-adjust the emoji in the section “the user too much” and return it to the default look, please follow the following:

How do you delete anymore the user heavily

To do this, you should reset the dictionary and keyboard for the Apple TV through the Settings – General – then reset then click on Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Then enter your passcode to your phone, then “reset dictionary” will reset the keyboard to The Shape of the default original.

You can see the difference in the following photo between the user frequently in the (left) and virtual keyboard (right).

Now, whenever you use the new emoji, it will be kept in the top left and pushes the oldest on the bottom. And develops a new list of symbols frequently used almost any of the 6 vertical rows.

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