How do you record your phone calls using the application TrueCaller

Buy the Truecaller app TrueCaller application for watching data the names of the callers in between phones, the application contains a copy of the record names in all phones that is installed you can find out the name of the owner of any number landline or mobile, as long as registered in its database.

Last month, he launched Truecaller a new feature in the application allows the recording of phone calls, the truth is we don’t know specifically to make the app available for this property, especially that the app offers for a monthly or yearly subscription, after the expiration of the 14 day free trial not, and despite the presence of numerous call recording apps free, but many smart phones offer this feature within it without the need of any application (such as phones Infinix Infinix like)!

Regardless of any considerations, this is a way to use call recording in the app Truecaller TrueCaller.

To use call recording in the Truecaller app, you must install the latest version of the app, or update the version installed on your phone, by logging into the app via the Google Play Store.

Open the app, then open the application’s main menu by pressing the three lines are horizontal in the left side of the app.

Now, clicking on the “call recording” Call recording in the list, and on the next page click on the “start” Start, so to start try 14 day free property.

The tops of the approval of all the powers being requested by the app, so just do the property.

Now you have the icon floating to record calls. Rec, you only need to click on them when you make the call to record the call and save the file on your phone.

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