How do you prevent the auto-update games PlayStation 4

May be auto update games PlayStation 4 non-desirable, which might lead to the advantages of the new instability and the collapse of the games or just because you want to maintain a certain limit of data usage, whether it is this or that, it’s a way to turn off the Auto Update for games:

1. From the main screen as show below, there are the far right where you’ll find a Settings icon (Settings) before the closure option.

2 – drag down where you will see the option to System (System), and updates the system software.

3 – Select Automatic Update (Automatic Downloads).

4 – Remove the tick √ of the front of the box update application files (the Application Update Files).

5 – this will stop the Auto Update for games and applications; when you turn off the device or the implementation of the comfort mode Reset Mode, it won’t do any downloads without telling you.

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