How do you know who blocked you on WhatsApp

Property ban is one of the properties that are available in most locations, social media and various applications, and they block you on Messenger you know that by the inability to send any messages to the user who did this ban, in addition to it appears on the form the name of the user instead the appearance of his name in front of you before the ban.

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But what’s up with the blocked you on WhatsApp? Did you ever figure out a signal or a sign notifying you that you’ve been banned by some?.

This question survived you by showing a number of ways, which you can use it until you find out who blocked you on WhatsApp , because in general does not WhatsApp will notify you or give you an alert that one of the users has done this, therefore you should apply one of the methods that we will make it through it will know who has blocked you or is there from blocking you on WhatsApp.

معرفة من قام بحظرك على الواتساب

The first way to see who has blocked you on WhatsApp

Check the last appearance of the user : in case you see that your friend shows up at the last appearance. Then you know he hasn’t blocked you from the account, while the opposite if you can’t see the last appearance of the wearer to be the probability measure to ban your ward, but in only one case, namely his being allowed to see another appearance and you’re already prior to the ban you see the last connection is not on the application, but in case it wasn’t allowed to see the last appearance of Don’t do not put the possibility of a ban for you.

معرفة من قام بحظرك عن طريق إرسال رسالة له من جديد

Find out who did ban you by sending a message of a new ” third way “

When in doubt a user that has blocked you, go to the box of messages between you and him, and then resend a message from the new No and wait for a bit, and in the case appeared in front of the letter you mark one only and not two, then you know that this person has already blocked you, while the reverse shows two signs indicate the lack of a ban and that person still makes you in his contacts., which is the way of the detector for digging especially if it is used to contact the timeshare Association, the While we draw your eyes to it may show one check mark and do not have proof of the ban if the other party closed app data or not connected to the internet, and therefore natural appearance of the sign of the right one.

رؤية الملف الشخصي للمستخدم

The second way to find out who has blocked you from WhatsApp

See the user’s profile : if you don’t show profile picture in front of you after you see it, always make sure that there is a prohibition by 90%, and these women because the remaining can be considered possible in that the user has removed his picture, and you can even experience you ban a friend of yours and call him and ask him about the shape of the profile after your ban, he’ll tell you not to the appearance of your profile picture and cover picture, and then know experimentally that non-appearance of the two images of the cover and symbolic evidence of the existence of the Prohibition of the other party for you.

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The Fourth Way in learn from he banned you

  • Create a group on WhatsApp, put any name.
  • After that go to the person who you think has blocked you.
  • Then add it to the group and wait for a bit .
  • In case he has blocked you will show you a message stating that it has not been possible to add to the group.


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