How do you know that someone has blocked you on your own iPhone by

كيف تعرف أن شخصا ما قام بحظرك على جهاز الآيفون الخاص به

If you can’t contact someone or did not respond to your messages, it means that he doesn’t want to talk to you or he can’t talk to you or he made a block and prohibit your number, and if this person is important to you and want to make sure the last reason is really he banned you on your iPhone this is the most common scenario, kept in this article you will learn some ways that can help you check this.

What happens for the telephone call banned?

The site techadvisor test what happens to the call blocked via a block number and monitoring of trade between the naive and found that when calling from the number blocked, the caller hears one ring, while the other phone remains silent and inform the caller that the recipient is not available and it is transferred to voice mail.

And can the caller then leaving a voice message for the other party in spite of the ban, but will not be the arrival of such message or notice to the other party, however the message will appear in the Messages section restricted and of course not the receiver knows about it or trying to take control of this section.

What happens to text messages blocked?

When you try to send a text message to someone he banned your number on your iPhone will not know that he banned you because the message is sent as usual and won’t you get an error when sending, even if you rely on iMessage application with Apple when messaging with others and tried to send a text message through the person who blocked you will show you the delivery however will not receive the other person that text message.

How do you know he blocked you?

The best thing is that you make a phone call via your iPhone, and if it is transferred all at once to voice mail after one ring, it means he blocked you if he didn’t want to talk to you and did not do block to your number will be refused your call but you will hear every time you connect a different number of rings because the receiver is doing the rejecting call. if your iPhone is closed, Of course, won’t ring at all.

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How do you know that someone has blocked you on an iPhone of its own

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