How do you know that battery MacBook time to change

We love our MacBook for autonomy. Many lack a full charge the laptop battery in a long day’s work. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries can not please MacBook owners forever. After several years of use and thousands of charge cycles the battery loses its former capabilities and allow you to work 10-12 hours with a computer without recharging. Only replace the battery. When is the best time to do it?

If you do not go into the details, all the necessary information about the battery of your Mac’s hidden close by. You should go to the Apple menu — About this Mac “system Report” — “power supply”. Here you will find all necessary information, including data about the battery. macOS describes the status of the battery in four different States:

  • Normal (normal) is what you want to see. Either the battery of your Mac is new or you care enough about your old laptop. The battery works as it should, and you have nothing to worry about.
  • The term of operation expires — this status indicates that your battery is not new and is starting to show signs of wear. It still functions fine but is slightly worse than before.
  • Replacement is required — this status speaks for itself. The battery is functioning normally, but he began to hold a charge much worse. You can without any damage to the computer use a battery and on, but don’t expect long battery life.
  • Service required — this status indicates a problem with the battery. It may be damaged or may overheat. For issues, please contact the service center. However, on the Apple support site says that this battery can be used without any damage to the computer.

In OS X Mavericks and some other versions, battery status is shown right in the top status bar:

You can trust the operating system of your Mac. It will tell you when to worry about the battery. If you want to take in the question of battery life deeper, you need to know about the number of charge cycles (it is shown beside the battery status). Your Mac counts the number of charge cycles, and most current MacBook models would be correct to say that the battery is able to hold a charge during the first 1000 cycles of the charge.

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