How do you know if one of the users of iPhone ban your calls?

If you want to know how to drive in the sense of the prohibition of calls using iPhone its own don’t rush goes down any applications or services that are fake and waste your time or harm you in any way, simply because there is no direct way to know of the prohibition of the calls only get the person’s phone and gain access to the list of blocked numbers. Although, regrettably, there is no way there are a number of tags and tricks that you can use them to learn hints for specific shows on the block for you, which is what we simplify it for you in this article.

Talk with the person first is recommended

What I recommend you do first before talking about the details is that in case the person who formed it did it is someone close to you there is no mind to say to talk to her via any other means or face-to-face to confront him. Maybe the person you think has blocked you to do that without purpose, and in this case you can afford to lose because of this decision just for fun, this is definitely something we don’t want him. Always honesty and clarity are certainly better if the conciliator allows it.

As the number of rings before being redirected to voice mail?

The number of rings that you hear before the voicemail might be a pointer, but without haste. If you hear one ring before the voicemail that one of the indicators of the prohibition of the other party but do not have to rush because in the event that the phone is closed, maybe the same thing happen, also in the case of a modern person who receives your call in another call, maybe the same will happen and the voicemail is quick, without that he may have blocked you already, so be careful when you see this sign.

In the case of activation of the receiver for the feature Do not disturb this does not fall under the same situation, so that in the case of open this feature on the iPhone, you will hear the number of rings the Full is then the voicemail.

Send a message

When you block someone you will not receive your message that you have not sent despite the presence of the word Dilevered that will appear rapidly, and in the case of failure to read it not because your block will show the word Read. If you are unsure of before messages that you send to show we have Read about to read it. probably he has blocked you already. And also this service is not accurate because it is possible to close the case and read the messages from the settings easily, which probably never comes to mind when you banned so if you know that it didn’t shut down this characteristic by there are extremely high probability that he banned you.

Call without showing your number

You can go to the settings and close the feature to Show My caller ID to hide your number when calling in a support case the State you live in for this feature. You can through this service to know whether a person would respond to a call of an unknown person or not. Also there are paid services to do this in the case of non-support of the state of this water. A step also not confirm to you that your block because it is possible to be accustomed not to respond to calls without identity.

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