How do you keep yourself warm when using your iPhone in winter

Sell iPhone and buy a down jacket. If without jokes, the January, which means winter is now in full swing. Many have already felt on themselves all the “charms” of this time of year, including frosts, when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. In this weather to use a smartphone outdoors – fingers can freeze in a matter of minutes. As with conventional gloves, the iPhone screen does not react. The solution of this problem provides a well-known Dutch accessory maker Mujjo.

In our editorial was the newest touchscreen gloves from this company – All-new Touchscreen Gloves. Gloves made of fabric with nylon fibers coated with silver. Due to them just an effect of interaction with the touch display.

The inner surface of the gloves from Mujjo contains a special “rib” of silicone is made specifically to the phone does not slip out of hands. Agree, a little pleasant when you break iPhone on the ice or drop it in the snow.

As gloves behave in extreme cold? To be honest, when it was 25 degrees below zero, hands still cold, even if not immediately. However, the manufacturer does not claim that the gloves will be good to warm at such low temperatures. Due to the special texture and add a fleece they perfectly retain heat, but I would recommend wearing them to -20 degrees.

Due to the gum at the base of the glove to fit the maximum hand, however, they simply sit in small or larger hands — this elastic material is stretched. Although select sizes will be useful too: for men will be the optimal L and for women M.

The difference from other gloves Mujjo — you can interact with your iPhone or iPad with all your fingers, not just thumbs or index. Handy if you urgently need to zoom in as well as for those who print with both hands.

We ordered a lot of touch gloves from Chinese stores, but these struck the accuracy of depression. Even on the small keyboard hard to miss, but it is important. Use gloves Mujjo is possible not only iOS devices but also with other touch screens.

So don’t waste your time, save your fingers and get real high tech gloves. Order them on the website Mujjo (of 41.24 euros) or buy in specialized stores in Russia. There are some options in the leather version and other colors.

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