How do you get the feature of night photography of any Android phone

Famous Google its attention to the performance of the camera in the phones pixels, which feature a unique experience for the Android system raw ensure you Safety and by using one of the most famous systems in the world on smart phones.

Shows interest in Google dramatically the performance of the camera in poor lighting conditions, so that the coming of the second generation of phones pixels, the company launched the feature of night photography.

But wonderful in it is the possibility of obtaining such water leading in your phone even if it is not from the phones pixels, but let’s learn from the near at the beginning the export feature Night Sight, what is it?

Is a feature launched by Google as we mentioned in the answer to the pixels, and specifically in application camera the Google Camera app, in addition to other advantages such as: “HDR+, Portrait Mode, Top Shot, Super Rez Zoom.”

The benefit of this feature is the help on the image capture conditions of dim light and get clear images without the need to use the flash.

You can note the difference when using the water flow in the two pictures following:

So how do I get night photography is?

Considering that the property exclusively on the organs of the pixels, where they are located in the camera application, have been issued in modified versions of them work on specific devices from different carriers, and you can download the appropriate version for your phone through this link.

And now I expect a version for all Android devices so if your phone is not in the list, you have to wait until the copy is not, especially since the new feature provided excellent results in many of the previous phones.

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