How do you get experience for iPhone girly 9’s?

Some prefer Android users interface iOS available on the iPhone because of the cleaner look and installed good, but some like to not laugh also the experience of their phones, which is why we offer you today this guide is effective to help Note Galaxy Note 9 to transform the interface of their phones to those of the iPhone Xs Max.

1) Get screen iOS Home

Can through the application Launcher iOS 12, which can be downloaded from here. transform your home screen into a version of those special iOS 12.

Immediately after installing the App Open it and approve the statements required, and then later choose the background and the light on OK and select if you want to make it your company’s image just the main or lock screen image too.

Will phone later to ask for any one wish to make it default, so when you choose the iOS Launcher and select always.

Make sure to then activate the option Notification badges from the app’s settings to get the appearance of notifications for iPhone.

2) add the Control Center

We turn later to the Application Control Center iOS 12, which can be downloaded from here for adding a Control Center for iPhone to your phone, where you can do that once you install and open the app then click on Position and select the Bottom until it appears the Control Center when scrolling the side of the screen bottom up.

3) hide the nav buttons

The developers of the XDA forum making the application serves to provide the same gestures the iPhone Xs maxi for any Android phone, where you can download it from here.

Immediately install and open the app we will find several pages should be through by allowing several statements of access within the phone in order to be able to use different gestures.

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