How do you find that UAE company action travel fly more ease and comfort?!

Long years of increased procedure air travel complex and difficult year after year, Tara due to security procedures, and sometimes more due to the increased complexity of the movables, bags and caught by the passengers with them and the complexity of their content. What is certain now is that flying bat missing on day after day, as he became consumed more time and effort. This folder can field a consistent innovation startups that want to provide solutions to narrow down those actions and make the travel more comfortable and easy.

Announced the company “dnata – dnata”, UAE for acquiring the company “Dublin – Dubz” emerging UAE also. The company “dnata” is the operator of the world’s largest ground services, support services, skiing, supplies aircraft and in 129 airports around the world.

The company was founded “Dubz” by three entrepreneurs are Omar Abu al-faraj, Mustafa Moroccan samer sobh 2016 to provide a luggage transfer service directly to and from the homes or hotels of passengers travelling and returnees through the Dubai International Airport.

Think “Dennis” Ascension these innovative service, and perhaps provide a new concept for testing a lot of steps and complexities that have always been characteristic for the aircraft in recent years. And the company is already a service in its new image as the initial passengers of the company “fly Dubai”, the “fly people” and”Saudi Arabia”, which they can now request service via the Internet to their company’s representative to collect their bags before travel and their boarding passes to the plane, and the new service registration bags, packaging, and deposit them on the plane without any intervention by the traveler who can proceed directly to passport control.

In the direction of return, can use the same service, so the availability of way directly to his home or his hotel and take delegates to the service to receive the bags and pass through customs and delivery to the desired address directly.

The service costs AED 110 for two bags of the first and second when traveling, and AED 299 for three bags, the service and the bags from the car when you return-ftpd cost AED 99 for the first bag and 40 AED for each additional bag. And the passengers on the possibility of tracking their bags in real-time where it has been providing car service with GPS to track locations, in addition to the service to receive notifications via SMS and secure the full-on bags.

Intend to “minimum” balance in providing that service for customers of other carriers that pass through the Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International, but more important in my estimation is the prevalence of the company globally, which will not developing that service in the airports and other cities around the world.

In the case of expansion of adoption services and similar technologies in the aviation industry, perhaps reflected that in the future the way the industry is full of so-called short action travel and access based on modern technologies.

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