How do modern technologies help cancer patients and medicine in General

One of the most promising industries for the application of modern technologies is healthcare. Major technology companies are now working on the conquest this market. Will tell you about how their products help patients today, and what to expect in the near future.

A cancer is engaged in artificial intelligence

On Monday, the company Baidu announced the existence of a machine learning algorithm with open source software, which is designed to detect tumors. The algorithm Baidu automatiseret the image analysis process, which usually involved radiologists. Artificial intelligence can make the analysis process more perfect and fast. In addition, it will free up doctors hands and focus on healing.

The healthcare market is very profitable for technology companies, and Baidu – are not the only ones who wish for him to penetrate. Google is working on algorithm for analyzing images of the chest. It is believed that three years later, artificial intelligence will take a Central role in health care, and everything will start now with the analysis of images and other medical images.

How artificial intelligence will help us be healthy

Yi Lee, a senior researcher at Baidu, in a recent interview with Business Insider has identified three main areas for the development of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

  • With the help of artificial intelligence technology large companies can analyze user data and to apply them in the field of health. The list of major technology companies include Alibaba, Google, Amazon and Baidu.
  • Machine learning is able to transform a smartphone into a powerful diagnostic tool. Smartphone today gets enough data about the user. Want to know how to use them correctly.
  • Creating the legal framework for the operation of artificial intelligence in the field of health with the possibility of using medical data of the patient.

The solution of transport problems for cancer patients

According to SCI Solutions, about 4 million Americans every year passed treatment because of transportation problems. For this reason, the service Lyft is expanding its program “Road to Recovery”, which was created in conjunction with the American cancer community. In this program, cancer patients have the opportunity to travel for free on the procedure, and after using the service, Lyft. Previously the program was only available in Miami and Los Angeles, but now it is operational in 10 U.S. cities.

A special program allows physicians to order machines for their patients using the app Lyft. This is a great way to get $ 150 billion to go in its purpose. That’s how much is spent on patients who miss treatment sessions. For this reason, the organization non-emergency medical transportation is seen as a great future, which can play the role of Lyft, Uber and other technology companies.

Automation and telemedicine

A lot of money in the modern health care system is spent on administrative tasks. For this reason, Ascension Health has created a company called Agilify. His task is to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks faced by organizations in the healthcare market. According to estimates by Business Insider Intelligence, up to 73 percent of all administration tasks can be automated. This suggests that the demand for the services of Agilify must be enormous.

Automation has helped to reduce the cost of one subsidiary of Ascension Health by 10 percent. I think you know very well how many difficulties can be encountered in the clinic registry. The recording processes to the experts, finding information about the patient and verification of medical insurance can be automated.

But you can optimize the reception of patients. The same Ascension Health has sold one of its offices and focused it professionals for telemedicine, which also had a positive impact on revenues.

Valley Medical Group engaged in the automation of prescription, finding that much time doctors spend on statement of repeat prescriptions for patients. It can take up to 30 minutes daily. Automated system from Valley Medical Group has reduced the requests for new prescriptions by 80 percent, according to Healthcare IT News. With 60 percent of all requests can now handle just one employee.

It seems that the ability to automate 73 per cent of administrative processes and to get rid of 30 percent of the excess costs actually builds up the growing demand for services to technology companies.

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