How did the selfie-camera, in Honor View 20

Very soon the company Honor will present its new smartphone with a hole in the screen where the camera is positioned device. We are talking about Honor View 20. Reporters GSMArena was able to talk with David yuan (David Yuan), chief designer of Honor, which told how he created a smartphone camera, and why it is located exactly on the left side.

As told yuan, the company conducted a survey, which consisted of two stages. First, the employees of the company asked users what the hole under the camera seems to them more attractive. On the select users were offered three options: full “bangs” a keyhole or hole in the screen, which resembles a hole punch. Most of the users prefer a third option.

When the company found out what direction she needed to keep moving, was published following a survey where users had to decide where to place the hole for the camera left, right or center.

Initially, the designers planned to place a hole in the upper right corner, but later realized that it may interfere with gamers, as in most games the main control interface is located on the right side. Accordingly, if the camera was on the right, it would hurt the users to play as the camera overlaps a part of the necessary controls. After analyzing the whole situation, the designers agreed that the best solution would be the placement of the camera on the left side, because there she would be almost out of sight.

Although finding the correct position under the camera was no easy task, much more difficult was it to adapt and place in your device. Usually all the modules and other sensors hidden in the neckline, but I was forced to do otherwise. Honor View 20 uses a unique technology, thanks to which the screen of the device managed to place the camera. This technology is referred to as the technology “pixel transition”. It controls the flow of crystals, allowing light to pass through the camera. In addition, the diameter of the cutout for the camera in the upcoming smartphone is equal to 4.5 mm, while in competition it is at least 6 mm.

A full design of the smartphone is still not disclosed, but it is the 26th of December this will change. Tell us in our Telegram chat, how would you like to see this device?

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