How did snapchat make people a facelift?

Applications of social psychological effects and community is different, but do it comes to convince us to undertake cosmetic surgery and to look like our picture on this product? It seems that this is what happened with snapchat.

With the growing proliferation of applications and modifications of photos-faceted, like Facetune, many people began, especially women, using these tools to hide anything unwanted such as wrinkles and lines light between the eyebrows, where many see that such things spoil their photos and make them look older, so it usually is modified such things before posting pictures on different social media.

Over time, he started a lot of people try to access the appearance itself in fact, and the first option is usually Botox, a substance is injected into the areas most wrinkle to make the skin smooth and taut again, despite the fact that it is a temporary solution lasts for a maximum duration of 9 months, and then get another injection.

Later, he started many people go to cosmetic clinics to get a permanent solution in order to transform their pictures on apps like snapchat into a reality, after that I think the users of these applications to see themselves in the digital world the form in which they would like to seem them, but every now and then when looking in the mirror, they see the form of their reality so they get frustrated.

Say adjustments are usually to hide flaws, make the lips full, The shapers of the nose, skin lightening or even enlarge the eyes and change the dimensions of the face, but the problem lies in the lack of awareness of the difficulty of moving the bones and tissues in order to change the shape of the face compared to easily do this across different applications, where some of these changes are not possible in reality, and yet continue the flow of these people to cosmetic clinics the various.

Says facial plastic surgeon, Boris backup, people usually use the phone camera to the front near their faces, and the camera will always change the format in which it appears, and eventually turn these people to clinics and expensive to convert these sound fake to reality, it does not necessarily show the application of what the shape of the face in the event of a change of the size of the nose that it’s possible. in fact, people must realize the difference between social media and real life.

It is worth mentioning that there is a responsible American has during the past year, a poll find that 55% of the plastic surgeons face many cases of teenagers seeking transfers them to the nearest possible shape of their images on snapchat.

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