How did malicious apps into Apple Store?

Always change security and privacy that is enjoyed by iPhone products Apple, but there is news spread a while ago about the discovery of 17 application contain malicious software, so how to link these applications to the Apple Store for? And how approved by the Apple TV? Does this app actually harmful?

كيف وصلت تطبيقات خبيثة إلى متجر أبل؟

Between now and then, up some malware there and decompose to the App Store, perhaps it’s common for follow Google Play and the Apple set that malware is fast and even provide the required protection to its users. With a apple of policies and measures, strict security except that a company smartphone protection Wandera was able to discover the 17 application contain malicious software said to inform Apple which in turn deleted those malicious apps from the store, but it may be one of those apps installed on your iPhone your.

What are those harmful applications

تطبيقات خبيثة

  1. RTO Vehicle Information
  2. EMI Calculator & Loan Planner
  3. File Manager – Documents
  4. Smart GPS Speedometer
  5. CrickOne – Live Cricket Scores
  6. Daily Fitness – Yoga Poses
  7. FM Radio – Internet Radio
  8. My Train Info – IRCTC & PNR
  9. Around Me Place Finder
  10. Easy Contacts Backup Manager
  11. Ramadan Times 2019
  12. Restaurant Finder – Find Food
  13. BMI Calculator – BMR Calc
  14. Dual Accounts
  15. Video Editor – Mute Video
  16. Islamic World – Qibla
  17. Smart Video Compressor

What do those apps to iPhone

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These malicious apps work on the deployment of customized ads to you even if you didn’t let him know information about you, this is done by communicating with the server in encrypted very complicated, which makes them able to bypass the verification processes, and then target the victim’s computer with numerous ads in order to fraud as discovered by the researchers that the application of interest was gathering information on victims ‘ devices such as phone type and search of the victim and other other data.

The reaction of Apple

تطبيقات خبيثة

Once you find those infected apps, been reported to Apple, which responded immediately and said to get rid of those apps removed from the store except for two applications, namely My Train Info – IRCTC & PNR and Easy Contacts Backup Manager, it seems that Apple is facing with the developers of these applications and they said to remove any codes harmful.

Do these apps actually malicious?

We talked before in an article (Why doesn’t need an iPhone to anti-virus?) That virus is impossible to reach the Apple device (if it is not the work of Gilbert you don’t) the reason is that every application that runs in the iOS system works within a closed box and therefore can not cope with other funds or other apps or even the system resources, but if it is allowed to the operating system and severe control.

Thus these apps are not malicious in the sense that May is portrayed by some, but do collect information without telling the user, and many applications do it, but under the cover of privacy and without this encryption of knowledge that leads to the possibility of bringing the codes weren’t in the app up and running.

How to protect your device

تطبيقات خبيثة

Although Apple removed those apps, you may have an application that is still installed on your iPhone, your, especially that there are Islamic apps between the two (Ramadan Times 2019) and is (Islamic World – Qibla) so you need to make sure the lack of any application of the two mentioned in the list above and if you find one of those apps should be removed immediately on your iPhone.

Did you install one of those apps, and if so, hasten to get rid of them fast so download your iPhone your.



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