How could look like iOS 13 for iPad with mouse support

With the release of iOS 13, iPad to get native support for mice. This innovation will take brand Apple to a qualitatively new level, allowing them to compete with the MacBook not only in terms of computing power, but ease of interaction on a professional level. Designer Guilherme Martins Sasipen decided to dream up what could be the iPad’s interface, if he really learned how to work with external manipulators.

The designer has decided that once the iPad now supports the mouse, it would be foolish to allow applications to open only in full screen. Much better, in his opinion, would be to make a custom window with the option to reduce or enlarge them, drag them to the side and block others. That’s the way it is implemented on macOS, which, apparently, will play the tablet version iOS 13.

Gestures in iOS 13

In addition, Sasipen made a logical conclusion that due to the support mouse and trackpad on the iPad you can implement new gestures. With the help of some users can drag documents and files. Others can be used to switch between running applications.

The concept has changed and the control or rather the control items that received the contact area for easy volume, brightness and other parameters.

Another interesting finding of the designer is a feature called “smart corners”. It allows you to drag an application or file in the corner of the screen that runs all the open Windows in an exposé-like format. Thus, you can quickly and easily drag and drop documents from one application to another.

How to connect mouse to iPad

The mouse is connected to the iPad, according to the designer, should be on the principle of AirPods: it is necessary to bring the accessory to the head unit as the screen should appear in the animation, indicating successful pairing.

Looks of course cool and very Apple style, but it is likely the company will have to introduce a new generation of the Magic Mouse with the processor at least H1 or W1.

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