How are things going with the upgrade to Android 9 Pie on smartphones Google Pixel? Compared to iOS 12

Updating the operating system — not the strongest side of Android. Because smartphones made by different manufacturers, and a lot of models, the update takes months. As a result, this gives rise to owners of Apple devices to speak of the superiority of “Apple” of the system, because the fans of iPhone are updated immediately after release. And what is the situation with the update to Android 9 Pie that of the line Pixel? The answer was given by a Google employee.

Things with the upgrade to the Pie in the context of all Android smartphones look really doesn’t matter. The latest version of OS reliznuli August 6, reports Phone Arena. Despite the impressive time, Pie still is not even 0.1 percent of all Android devices.

The situation with Google Pixel much better. At the moment, the update Pie set Android the owners of more than 75 percent of all Pixel-based smartphones. Information was announced Rick Osterloh, Vice President of the division producing hardware solutions to Google.

The result can be compared with numbers Apple. iOS 12 to 50 percent of all iPhone in less than a month. Because after that the pace of updates usually subside, analysts expect the overcome the 75% threshold by mid-November. It turns out that the Pixel owners get updates slower iPhone users.

According to IDC, in 2016 Google has sold 1.95 million of the line Pixel. In 2017, an increase of 3.9 million devices. It turns out that excluding sales 2018 exceeds the amount of 5.85 million. And this year analysts expect the best results.

We will remind, the new generation of smartphones, Google has received a lot of improvements. Camera Pixel 3 is some pictures during the photos and allows you to select the best frame. In addition, the dual front-facing camera captures a large angle and gives the possibility to accommodate in the frame of all your friends.

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