Hours Samsung Gear smart will continue to use the system TizenOS


In the past month, the leaker of the famous American Evan Blass aka fame evleaks published a tweet on the Twitter network says that some of the employees of Samsung have been monitoring their wear watches, the Samsung Gear running WearOS, instead of the system TizenOS the original.

There was a belief that the company Samsung is preparing to use the operating system belonging to Google in the hour of its smart future, or in some models at least. But now comes new information that was directly from Google and Samsung didn’t decide to change the operating system of the user in its removable poncho.

Set these information are rumors and leaks of the Samsung Gear S4 to scratch. It seems that Samsung will use the system TizenOS polished interface and rich features to address the shortage of its own application store. It should be noted that the latest smart watch from Samsung is the Samsung Gear Sport, which was released last fall. This watch is resistant to water and dust, and support networks of the fourth generation with the knowledge that they cost around 300 USD.



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