Hours Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – sleek design and a greater emphasis on fitness!

Was series Galaxy S10 is the focus happened to Samsung, but this ad is not only to Samsung, where the company unveiled a new range of wearable devices the most important smart watch a sleek design under the name of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active .

Sleek design without the edge

Like Galaxy Watch Active completely new hours Samsung Gear Sport earlier, with a major focus on physical activities and health of the users, but the exterior design is more simple and attractive for the traditional image of the well-known about the smart watch.

After years of the inclusion of the Rotary frame on a range of smart watch – a feature which has since become a favorite for many because of ease-of-use – Samsung has chosen to abolish it entirely and replace it with the edge of one of the thinnest and stylish heavily committed around the screen 1.1 inch display carousel.

For the rest of the former that the Samsung rubber bracelet is simple, as it features the Galaxy Watch active stages of physical buttons round along the right side which replace the buttons previous.

As a complement to the outside world possible for this smart watch the Samsung on the glass panel new in the cell containing monitor heart rate.

Interface UI Paire with a fast processor

Style interface One of the new UI of Samsung of its organs, provided the Korean company this updated version of Tizen heavily on dark backgrounds workshop of color when necessary, this is not a coincidence because the Galaxy Watch Active will have a AMOLED screen which allow turn off the pixels when displaying black colors thus saving the battery.

In the subject of the battery, it should be noted that hours Galaxy Active card includes a capacity of 236 mAh, compared with the previous devices of this battery is slightly smaller, however the display is not great as it was in the previous as there are processor the latest – a Exynos 9110 dual core – which is more effective dramatically.

Track activities and monitor blood pressure

As we mentioned at the top left Galaxy Watch Active is great for physical fitness, through the new version of Tizen that will give the users three main goals to focus on every day a: calories burned, and calculate the minutes of exercise, and check every hour, where you are tracking each one of them with its own graphic which is distinguished with different colors.

The second main hours Galaxy Active is the advantage of heart rate monitoring, which allows users to track heart rate throughout the day, as you H Galaxy Watch to alert users in case there is a glitch just like the Apple Watch .

As expected, supports the latest wearable device from Samsung and a variety of modes of exercise, different in addition to discover exercise automatic.

Finally, work hours Galaxy Watch Active with any phone running Android 5.0 or newer, can be random access memory 1.5 GB RAM at least, you will stop the clock four colors featured are black, silver, gold, and green, and the cost of the previous $ 200.

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