Hours Pebble smart can you get a second chance at life


As you have probably heard, has announced the Fitbit it will officially its support for the Pebble smart this month. But the good news is that if you’re still keeping watch Pebble smart believes it’s great and want to keep using it, it seems that she can get a second chance at life.

In a tweet by co-founder and former CEO of Pebble, Mr. Eric Migicovsky, the guiding angel of the Pebble towards a website named Rebble. Basically what this new service is a dream place some basic elements in the Pebble, such as the App Store, updates, and portable applications. Basically it seems that the Rebble want to do what you won’t do Fitbit.

The bad news is that Rebble think she may not make everything ready by the time the end of official support for the Pebble smart. According to Katharine Berry company Rebble, it has stated by saying : ” overall, the Pebble is a complex system, has ended up with less time than we hope. I still expect to have some services ready by the time the end of support. “

Now you have the option to register for an account with the Rebble, but it should be noted that the Pebble had previously issued an update that would allow the authority to continue to work. If you are not experiencing any problems with the way the work hours Pebble, your current, you can leave them in their current state. However, if the support and updates of the New is essential, it may be a Rebble is the better thing the following.



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