Hours Fitbit Versa or hours Fitbit Ionic for?

Provided the company Fitbit, two of the best smart watches custom sports and health and they are; the Fitbit Ionic price 1399 Sar and Fitbit Versa at a price 899 SAR. The police tried to somewhat broaden the appeal of the H by the Smart during the hours of the submission of the Versa, where it offers design more attractive at a lower price, but you can compare it with the H Ionic the most expensive? Let’s find out.

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There is already a big difference between the design of the two hours, knowing that both offer the quality of manufacture is very high in terms of thickness and weight. Also they’re excellent for long use, but we can say that the Versa is the best concept of the design.

Come hours Fitbit Ionic design box, significantly with the size of 30 grams and a thickness of 12.2 mm. While the Fitbit Versa edges and round corners size of 38 grams and a thickness of 11.2 mm. Thus, the Ionic think a lighter hand weight, but the thickness of the top, while comes Versa with a thickness lower and the weight heavier to a small extent.

Provide watches feature water resistant, but it can be Ionic water resistant to a depth of 50 meters, so the preference here come for hours Ionic.

Are considered the differences are fairly simple, but in the end it depends on the taste of the year. The hours, the Versa can be close to for everyday use, while the design of the Ionic sporty looks dramatically.

Finally, every two hours the option of toggle bracelet.

The screen

Provide all the hours of excellent monitors which can up the ratio of its brightness to 1000 lumens, you will not face any problem with the use of watches under the rays of the sun, where you know both hours color screens and pure.



Include the hours of Bluetooth-proposal version 4.2 in addition to the NFC technology, also offer Ionic Wi-Fi connection.

For storage, the hour provides Ionic capacity of 2.5 GB versus 4 GB for the Versa. In this way, you will save a couple of hours the possibility of storing images and music.

It features both devices at the scale of speed to track steps and movement, with a measure of heart rate, in addition to the altimeter sensor lighting and Intelligent Tracking calls and messages, calendar and music, all this through the interface of Fitbit’s own, which is very good from a safety perspective.

There is also a sensor SpO2 relative to track oxygen in the blood, but does not benefit any of the devices of this feature at the current time. Also, the devices feature to track hours of sleep, this in addition to forecasting functionality and automatic.

It is the most important existing functionality hours Ionic and not the present hour Versa, is a function of the GPS, so that you will be able to use the GPS directly from the former, while you will need to connect your phone to an hour to use this function with H Versa.

Expected Fitbit application Pay on every two hours, but you have to check whether your bank supports payment by contact.


Excel hour Ionic on the hour Versa in a matter of the battery. With the activation of the development of the sensor heart rate, provided the hours the Versa four and a half days of usage. As for the hours Ionic, it has provided 7 days of use. In this way, the battery here is not a preference in favor of hour Fitbit Ionic.


Think hours excellent the two in terms of physical activity and health. Hand precision, they provide a unique experience by . But if you prefer to rely on the former without use of your phone, the H Ionic are the perfect choice for you. If you care about the beauty of the design, here’s an hour Versa, which includes the same functions as Ionic except for the feature of GPS.


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